Sunday, July 20, 2008

hmm sorry for the late late upload! here's the fotos from our gathering!!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


shall let the pictures do the talking! =]

we are the earliest! and kristy is the only punctual person! haaa..

Then Mrs Goh came and Huizhen went to meet her at the lift.

the little kid playing happily by himself, waging on battles among the different versions of

then the other kid comes along...ben sure did teach titus alot more ways to play with the
ultraman and calamari rings..

the food came!yum~

and dilys came along...haa..i kept harassing her.haaa..

group photo...

thanks dilys for taking this one for us.

ben child-care services anyone?

more photos...

apparently,titus doesn't like taking photos..


thanku for those who came down, especially those who rushed down after their meetings and those who had to fly off to somewhere else after that. and thanku mrs goh for taking the trouble to travel down with two kids and a stroller to meet us for a meal! kudos to huizhen, dilys and ben for organising this gathering. And hope the next meet up isn't two years later! =]


p/s: rest of the photos are in my facebook or just follow this link!

p/p/s: i am efficient.haaa..

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Heyz pplz!

Yeah it's finally friday.. can't be more thankful for this long wkend! yeah i finally found time to blog =)

MRS GOH IS BACK IN SPORE!! Yup for those of you who still dunno.. she's back after 1.5 yrs and will be staying till around the end of June. So, this is the best time to have a class gathering so that everyone would be able to meet up with her and of course with the rest of the class.. it has been quite some time since we all meet up =p

Details are confirmed:

Date: 24 May (sat)

Venue: Manhattan Fish Market at PS

Meeting details: 4pm at Dhoby Gauht control

I know most of you can only come after 6pm and 4pm is a little early for dinner (we can always have early lunch on that day), but Mrs Goh wishes for an early timing cos she is afraid her kids may get sleepy at night, so I suppose 4pm is the best compromise.

Mrs Goh is staying at Jurong now, so for convenience sake, maybe those who live in Jurong and who are driving on that day can volunteer to send her home so that she will not have to bring her kids back alone.

Yup details are finally finalized! Yeah see ya all on sat then. Enjoy your work or FYP, pplz. Take care! =)


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Friday, May 09, 2008

1 more! it's called "10 things about hwa chong"..

mr pang is the bomb man! he appears in everything! haaha.. he must be the most well-loved teacher in hc now.. :)

but seriously, the choice of song is HIDEOUS... i've warned you! turn off your speakers if you can control your curiosity.. heh.. :P

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

this is DAMN funnY! hahaha.. everyone must watch!! look at mr pang's smug... :P anw i recognise the guy in the vid.. he's our batch one.. think some of you guys might recognise him...

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

ar..the blog has been reallyreally quiet during the exam period.haa..this is a really random post.i baked cake today and finally it looks kinda decent, semi like a cake la.haa..

yarlar, it looks sunken in the middle coz it is. haa..under estimated the power of baking powder so the cake mix erupted out during baking, had to scoop out into another bowl. haa..

it's a marble cake btw.haa..
yarlar, hope u guys are all coping well with exams and stuff.. when everyone's free, meet up soon ya? =]


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

hello everybody! i was just looking through my pics, and i realised most of them involved 73! haha.. so i've decided to upload some which involved most of the class for your viewing pleasure :) i haf ALOT more! hahaha.. JC life was prob the most fun throughout my many years in school, and it's such a shame that all good things have to come to an end.. SO, we should all try to make it for class gatherings! hahaha.. our maf turn out has been reduced from many to little (look at the pics below, for maf '06 and maf '07).. so we should all meet up soon when we finish exams! :)

soiree '04

orientation '05

maf '06

maf '07

lj's 21st, '07

gathering '05

orientation '07

titus was still so young then! haha.. '04

homecoming '04

ge yao bi sai '03. rmb th's signature plastered-specs, and jh looks so skinny here!

the super sadistic game! '04

i think it's maf '04

taken in class '04

we're one FARM-ILY!

dilys's 21st, '07

gathering at xun's house '06

Big walk '04

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