Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hey Hey!

It's me again! Woohoo, haha, I am getting more and more busy nowadays so I hardly have the time to write, but well, here's the update! Yeah! First, CHICAGO trip...ALL RIGHT MAN...OKay, here's the deal, I went to chicago with abt 8 other ppl, 4 in my car. We rented this really cool van which we name BANGVAN!
Chicago skyline
Well, we drove for like 4 to 5 hours all the way to chicago and after a nice trip sleeping in the back(i cant drive yet), we finally reached our small and cheap motel. K, the we went tour seeing, went to this place called navy pier which is like a tourist spot. Well, we walked and then left for the downtown area of Chicago. Walked for like 3 hours, and getting lost along the way. Haha, and that night, wanted to go clubbing in the real city but found i was not old enough....SAD, waoliao, damn off that time...sian, so we went to sleep. Blah On the way back, SUPER happening, our BANGVAN got into accident and BANGED another CAR! WoohOO, hahahahah, damn funny. We nearly missed an exit and cut thru 4 lanes and knocked another car. Waoliao, heng, our van big, not much damage but the other car's fender came off! hahaah.

Anyway, next daY! CHina town..woohoo, first time i have a feeling of something like home for 2 months. seriously, when u are away from home, waoliao, the feelng is not good and CHINA TOWN feels good man. We went to this place to eat CHICKEN RICE, STINGRAY AND KANGKONG! OMG, those are SOOO rare and such delicacies here..wah, i am salivating thinking of it now. kao, it was damn nice, a malaysian chinese place, wah......okay, must stop fantasizing about it. haha, later that night we went to this posh restrauant(the roof damn nice) and ate dinner...US$30, but it was dammmmmmn nice! That night was also very crazy, we couldn go club so everyone stayed back and we played our own games! YEAH! 2 of my friends puked after that! muahahah

Next day, a musuem and an aquarium.....was really nice and the exhibits there are like WORLD class! amazing! ahahah, well, that's about it except for the last night there, we got lost in chicago and drove blind for 2 hours, went to watch the stupid movie "the fog" for US$10!!!!! and got an egg thrown at our car when we got lost and got into a black neighbourhood. Wah, that was damn zai, like GTA like that...hahhha.

me and my roomie
senior GENA!
Okay! Then, wah this entry damn long, I just had halloween! Wah, damn fun and funny, i dressed up as HIPPIE! hahahahaahha, such an experience, we should have that in Singapore! hahaaha, okay, i juz got back and it's hmmm, 6.30am, i should sleep!


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Thursday, October 13, 2005

hey! Was looking through my old computer and found all these old pictures!! Haa..thought I'll post some up for you guys to reminisce. =) cheers!

p/s: does anyone have will young's leave right now?

Our chocolate shop!

The gamblers..

Sentosa in J1

After watching huang chen..

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

soiree 2004..  Posted by Picasa

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big walk!! Posted by Picasa

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at settlers..:) Posted by Picasa

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kristy and i fooling ard in schooL! Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hey people!
finally, after my irritating pestering..tianhan sent me some of the photos he snapped using his camera a very loooong time ago..haa..yup,here are afew selected ones..not too sure if u guys already have them but msg me on msn if u guys want it!class gathering probably have to wait till end of november.haa..cheers!

Sentosa trip i think..can't really remember when was that.haa..someone tell me..

Remeber the ugly orange t-shirts?haa..

After eating at Nude...

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Hey how are my dudes and dudesses doing?

OKay, I have announcement to make. Since we all had a long time since our last class outing, let's have one sooN! okAy, i organise....listen carefully lah, first pls call everyone, eh, i call the guys, yuwei(still got visit this blog?) help me call the girls. hmmm, then we decide on a about dinner? wah, last time some of us went to nude, the food quite nice lah..or chalet, wait, we never had a chalet b4? or sentosa again? then decide time..preferbaly on weekend so the guys can come? what time? meet in morning

WAIT....okay, i realised i am not in singapore anymore but trapped in a small town in mid-east of, so i cant really organise. SOOOO hoW? SOoooooooooo, I need a volunteer to do it! See, it's very simple, juz follow the steps above and WoaaaaaaahLA! Bang! we have class outing. Okay, please post pics on this blog for ur poor friend here to stare at....

Peace out!

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