Thursday, December 14, 2006

hello! the class blog been pretty quiet recently..anyway, i went brewerkz yesterday with my uni friends and since i've no blog to write on and it's really a shame to not introduce brewerkz so here i am!

i'm sure some of u would have heard of brewerkz at clarke quay or even went there before. it's a really pretty nice place, nice decent american style food (huge portions. luckily there were guys to finish up the girls' food. haa..) and if u go on a weekday 12pm-3pm, it's happy hour!! its cheap beer at around $4-5 per pint/ mug. the prices of the beer jumps to like $6-9 per pint at other times. so of coz, please go during happy hour and try out the different kind of beer they have.. it's pretty interesting to find out that there are actually so many different types of beer and they all taste uniquely different. u can choose to sit inside or outside. Probably a better idea to sit in in the afternoons lar, warm! anyway, nice dim private seats and i heard that if u have enough people, u can even get a whole nice room to urself!

This is frutbrewz (i think it's the correct spelling). anyway, it has a tinge of berries to it, pretty uinque i must say. nice cups ey..

And this is what i got that day, golden ale. nice golden colour to it and it actually just tastes like a normal beer la. the nice kind. of my friends got something that had a super bitter, spicy after taste. but i think i was the only one who dint like it. haa..

and talking about the food... buffalo wings! it's a huge portion......although we ordered the large one, i certainly dint expect it to be more than like say 10 wings? it comes with nice cheese sauce that i dont think jiaho will like. haa..

and....when i was trying to balance the chicken bone on my fork and knife to dump it into the bowl we used to put the bones......i dropped it into my friend's drink.yes..looks damn gross actually.haaa..i fished the bone out so i wont embarrass myself when i had to ask the waitress to change the water for us.
this the bunch of alcoholics i hang out with in school.haa..


p/s: i wont be around from 18th dec to 31st dec. i guess i cant join u guys for lunching or dinnering till next year..haa..

siying- rocking off at 5:38 PM


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