Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To all of the people who rejected us on saturday, here's a picture to make you feel extremely guilty.

LJ, Alex and I have been meeting up recently..guess theres a badminton bug going on so far! For i think..maybe 3 weeks we've been playing and swimming at Jurong West Sports Complex all the time, so do come join us if ur free! Poor LJ makes the long Journey to the West almost every saturday..and within the deceptively evil carpark lurks numerous wardens ready to jump when they realize the covered carpark tricked you into thinking that you've passed through a gantry..here's one poor sod who got slapped with a 30$ saman!

In return I suppose we had to justify the 30$ deficit to LJ's wallet, so we gathered our heads together in a bid to return the parking warden's favour. Note the suspicious pile of banana skins lying on the floor. I suppose we probably found it lying there right before we left. :)

Anyways, I'm just randomly blogging cause I can't sleep!! I've just left my Citibank job and my first day of slacking at home was horrigibly boring! Nobody to talk to..and I've lost all interest in my games! *scream* Someone date me out!!

Okay, back to business. Regarding the Roadtrip/s73 Outing 2007, us 3 have thrown out a few ideas, so we're open for discussion. Right now the idea is that we'll be renting a MPV/Sedan *Proton, so you don't needa worry* and heading out through the West Malaysian Expressway down to a unascertained destination as of yet. The idea would be for us to have a vacation a la Mr. Bean's Holiday, to have fun along the way and making pitstops down every place of interest and town to eat and shop before having a big finale at our destination, say like a barbecue or a day at the spa of a beach resort. You know, things you can easily do at this age but be laughed at if you try it when you're 30+ :P

There'll be details we need to smooth out, but as of now the drivers of the pack shall be LJ, Alew and me. Don't worry, we all have practical lessons on the road before, and have at least ferried people around safely, so you all need not worry! I'm thinking of Malacca as our final destination, but Alew thinks it'll be too short a journey for us to enjoy anything along the way..so we're still open for ideas! Itinery wise, we need a bit more expertise on what fun things along the way we can do, so everything is still sketchy at the moment. All we know is that it should be happening somewhere around mid May, over the weekend for at least 3-4 days..so do post your comments and we'll discuss more on this on our next swim. By the way, we intend to leave this trip budgety, so do expect night-driving and cheap lodging, but a whole load of fun! Let's make this trip happen..I think it'll be fun not because of where or what we're doing...but mainly because we're all gonna do it together as a class..

So what say you!?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OMG! finally finished my first paper AERODYNAMICS 1.
had lagged alot since the beginning of the semester and is doing alot of catching up these 2 weeks. In fact, i had actually turned down many of LJ's invite to his house for MJ!! cant believe myself, but it's smth i hafta do unless i wanna DABAO (just to explain DABAO means takeaway in chi. n in ntu, to DABAO also means takeaway.. takeaway the module from this sem to next sem >> FAIL!) well, had been really stressed about my work and projects these days. had 3 left only 1 week from the exams. This semester is a killer. Oh well, at least i've cleared one (5more to go) so i tot i shld jus come relax a bit.

Heard tt we r planning a trip in june? i would really love to go. but for those who know my family, u'll probably know tt i'm still pretty "ignorant" & "too young" to travel alone.. or mayb due to "terrorist", "conflicts" or mayb weird plane crashes like those in LOST. im just still a kid in their eyes. but i'll try to convince them o cos. As for e destination, keep it to a low budget? i dun think i haf any savings. lol.

Anyway... i MISSED U GUYS! somehow time seems to past really fast in uni. ppl rushin here and there. prof rushin thru lectures, students rushin thru projects.. 2 years already and i'm still not used to it. N the ppl here, sometimes feel tt the ppl i meet now are not as true to u as before. u seem to know them.. but they act differently. dunno who are my frens. :(

i had tot o alot of things to say 30min ago. but it seems tt i took 25min jus to sign in and i forgot wat i wanted to say. ha. Y do i always take so long to sign in!?

so in general, just wanna say that i miss u guys. hope to meet up soon. hope exams end soon. oh, now that i rem.. after my exams i actually haf this EID thing >> Engineering Innovative Design? cant rem wat i means but effectively just means PROJECT. so.. life doesnt seem to easy even after the exams. SIGH! i feel so demoralised. Good luck for EXAMS girls! Guys, Good luck in Jioing girls! until exams end..


P.S: i took 30 min to read thru e past posts and i havent finished. well done peeps. ;p

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A night of many emotions... of fear, of joy, of revenge, of desire...
A night that seems the same, yet will be not...
A night that could change the lives of four...


Ungh. Need to put more than 10s next time.

Er-hem. Anyway...

A night of 4 masculine-deliciously-good-looking photo-whores flirt with luck and each other's mind.

A night filled with style, magic, plot twists, raunchy topics, gossip, alcohol, blatant cheating (and not), table-flipping, fistfights, kung-fu, bullet-time, and fast-paced action.

A night of, Mahjong.


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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alrighty now that QZ-the-god-of-argumentative-essays has made a stand and Mrs Goh has summed it all up so diplomatically, I suppose that we can come to a conclusion that:

(Main point) Looks are important, but it's not everything that a girl looks for in a guy, or vice versa.

(Example 1) Orchard Road
(Example 2) Bugis Junction
(Example 3) Sec sch, JC, Poly, Uni, Working place

For the format of the paragraph what else is there after example? can't seem to remember.. haha.. summarize the main point again?

Anyway gotta thank everybody for the posts man! been a very lively discussion and many classmates whom we thought had lost contact with the blog had been roped back in to contribute. Real glad from the responses of all! But there is room for more frequent posts from many more ppl so please spread the word to the rest that we have something going on here k!

Yeah, so moving on to a more tangible and pressing matter at hand is.. to plan for our holiday!

So the girls start their holidays in May? And TH too? What's everybodies budget? Personally I've got a little savings from not travelling much after NS so i don't mind going to far away lands like the Artic or Antartica, USA or europe (but preferably Eastern Europe. More exotic and cheaper i guess..) But of course, there are many places in the region that are beggin for a visit too. How long the duration do you all have in mind?

Some ideas for places far away..

1) USA to visit Tian Han? Mr Wang can play the guide! and we can play bridge again! haha.. Any recommendations on where to visit, TH? Saw on www.frommers.com, "Frommer's Top Travel Destinations for 2007"

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Midwestern city already known for its gorgeous city layout and its fine arts community, Minneapolis is experiencing a cutting-edge design boom. The blockbuster new Guthrie Theater (now located in the Mill District along the Mississippi River) is a sight to behold -- a sleek, dark-blue steel building designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. The Walker Art Center has been expanded and also in the works is an addition to the Frank Gehry-designed Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, which some say evokes his later, more famous Guggenheiim Bilbao. Though winters are harsh, Minneapolis is a fantastic place to be outside. Alongside the Mississippi is a series of lakes that wind through downtown, where you can bike, jog, or just hang out. The Guthrie's new location, with its spectacular views of St. Anthony Falls, is also bringing more traffic to this neighborhood, in addition to shops and restaurants.

This might be near your uni Th so what say you?

2) For those who like medieval culture..

Krakow, Poland

Amazingly, Krakow -- the capital until 1609 -- survived the destruction that befell the rest of the country during WWII and is now, with its amazing historic landmarks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the things to see are the gargoyle-bedecked Sukiennice (Cloth Hall), a medieval covered market still bustling with tourists and street vendors; Wawel, the royal castle; and the 14th-century Gothic Kosciól Mariacki (St. Mary's Basilica), with its intricate spires. Wandering the cobblestone streets of the Old Town (Stare Miasto), aged landmarks coexist amid a modern shopping scene. The town may have a rich history, but it has its feet firmly in the modern world -- wireless internet access is everywhere, and festivals throughout the year (especially in summer months) showcase cutting-edge music and theater. Look for our first-edition Frommer's guide to Eastern Europe, which releases in March of 2007

3) We could also go to some other North or South American Country..


Panama has much of the same appeal as a destination like Costa Rica -- rainforests, volcanoes, and snorkeling. Panama City is the only metropolis that has a rainforest within the city limits, and on a clear day, hikers at the summit of Volcán Barú can often see both oceans at the same time. Isla Coiba, once home to a penal colony, is now part of a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that has the second-largest coral reef in the eastern Pacific. Here, you can see sharks, dolphins, turtles, whales and other big marine life. For a tropical beach experience, go to one (or several) of the 1,500 islands off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. To get to Panama, you can fly directly from the U.S. on American Airlines, through Miami, and on Delta, through Atlanta. For more, see our first-edition Frommer's guide to Panama, releasing in Dec. 2006.

Though there'll be some planning needed to such an expedition.

Well, if I were to choose from some faraway region it would be Panama.. It sounds exotic enough.. As you might have realised by now, i base my judgement from Frommers. haha.. I know NUTS about travelling and I've never backpacked or even gone on a trip overseas without a tour agency taking care of everything! I'm a typical spoilt city dweller with no taste of adventure, but I hope to use this opportunity to set things right in my life and to experience some excitement. lol..

Well of course everybody please do some posting for ideas.. The above are strictly some sort of.. "fantasized" ideas by me, ones that are quite unlikely, but I've roughly given my take on it and if the response is good than, why not?

But the bottomline is, I'm fine for anything, and seriously won't mind going to Batam or Bintan or Sabah or HK or Vietnam or sth.Somewhere, anywhere, will do, just, somebody GET ME OUTTA HERE!!


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Wow, so interesting. I like this discussion, this blog is so active. Must thank Siying! :-)

Good to see Dilys, Jiaho, Jaymie (right?) etc posting. Who is the prev one?

Very true Jaymie. Often, those girls who are not super beautiful know that, and they will, from young, try to build up their inner beauty. So very often these girls would be either very successful in their careers, studies, sports or whatever field. And they tend to have more qualities like compassion, kindness, diligence...

I know there are a lot of bimbo blonde jokes and I like to believe there are beautiful and smart girls too. I am just saying you are right, many girls who are super beautiful tend to be showered with attention since young and they may lack the opportunities to acquire qualities mentioned above. But not so pretty girls would have plenty of chances to do so.

So Jaymie and Siying are being true friends to you guys actually, by reminding you, when you are choosing a life partner, you really have to look beyond outer beauty. I guess you guys already know that for I have been informed by my close guy friends that chasing girls for fun before getting married involves only one criterion - must be hot. But when choosing life partner, then they have more to consider. Why else would a particular good friend of mine, who is good-looking himself, and had countless hot girlfriends in the past, remain unmarried, still looking for the right one?

Be careful about changing too many "hot" girlfriends too. The truly virtuous girls might also give you a pass, even though she may like you, because she may think you only like that type. You would really need a wife who is virtuous and smart you know, if you want to be successful. No need to remind, but here goes, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman." That woman cannot be someone who spends all her time in spas, or cannot be someone who can't hold her own while discussing your career options or handling finances etc. In fact, someone simpler will help you save a lot of money. Then you will live more comfortably too.

I also recall asking you all how many kids you want to have in future, suddenly struck me... haha, think it was during a CT session. Anyway for those guys who want kids, you have to choose someone who you think will make a good mother too.

Yup, so go ahead and gain life experiences now. When you are thinking of settling down, remember this discussion and what your true friends/ and tr have mentioned. And invite us to your weddings ya! :-)

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Friday, April 06, 2007

For some reason which I can't justify, I always thought that I'd begin leaving posts after I fly off in Sep. Probably it's for that stunning dramatic after-taste bolstered by the imagined geographical segregation :) (Yes I have had all that planned out) The fact is against popular belief, I do check back to the blog pretty frequently, albeit a furtive observer. However, Jiaho's last circumlocatory post left me with no choice but to break through that self-imposed barrier of reservation :P (sorry bro, I need a springboard to get me started... gotta sacrifice you)

It seems that the topic latched on pretty well to our primal instincts :) Everything contributed earlier made perfect sense, but the beauty of it all is that EVERYTHING makes sense, and there's still so much more to this meaty subject. It's more than an individual's principles, values or his/her biological components ticking against his/her will (Brain VS Pants). It's about the responsibility an individual holds to society at large, or in other words, the social contract that binds all of us as minute little gears, nuts and bolts in the massive machinery of a functioning society.

I am positive that all will agree with me when I say one's free to do whatever he/ she wishes to do as long as that action doesn't infringe on the right/s of other/s in this tight-knit society. I can choose to home in on looks, to pump weights, to intravenously plug myself to a protein shaker 24 hours a day, to subject every inch of observable skin patch to Botox as long as I'm doing it out of my own will and while at it, not harming any 3rd party in the process. Extending the logic, if one chooses to make choices based on perceivable appeal, that is his/ her freedom, the society can't do much about it as there is noone else he has to be accountable to other than himself. The situation only gets tricky if that choice involves the well-being of a 2nd human being.

Hereby referring specifically to Siying's initial post, it is ultimately an issue of whether this individual should be held accountable against a subsequent choice (ie. break up) made when it runs contrary to the first one (ie. initial proposal for courtship). To some level, I will agree that he/ she has to be responsible. But how exactly are compensations made when it involves emotions? If there is such a thing as a gauge to the amount of emotions that has to be paid back, then I would say by all means. However if there is such a thing, then love wouldn't be as electrifying wouldn't you agree? :)

Ultimately we have to admit that we're smack in the middle of the cliched 'grey area', the bottomline being you having to be accountable to your own decisions and choices made. If you take a closer look, this isn't a subject on external appeal VS internal appeal, bosom VS brain, reproductive need VS moral righteousness etc etc. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has the liberty to procrastinate on that and come to his/her own conclusion on what he/ she deems as definitive in the selection of a soulmate. The question here is about whether a responsibility has to be borne in the event that someone gets hurt (and I hope you realise that even 'hurt' is immensely difficult to define much less to be measured against a benchmark of some sort). It would have been a yes if only you can come up with a way telling me how :)

Hope it provides some food for thought. And btw, it's my birthday today :D

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Haa..wow @ the enormous list of replies today! I suppose, like Dilys, I've been too lazy to get about writing and have been following the discussion instead. Perhaps I should add the third guy's opinion on the issue, but nonetheless due to how volatile this issue is, let me add my very own disclaimer: some things might appear slightly immoral/politically incorrect/ assholic, so hope i don't get bombed for this!

Back to the original issue..as per what siying said, some guys come along one day and say, "i'm breakin up with my gf cause she's not pretty enough" Practically we can see it on the superficial side, taking it literally as the girl being not attractive enough as deemed by the media trend. Take for example: the Dove commercial everytime you catch a movie, or the thought-provoking advertisement on the bus. There are several trends in this world that many people consider pretty, like the fact that the majority of the public feel that its a necessity for one to have 双眼皮, or suffer anorexically to attain a stick-thin figure for a woman to be truly called a beauty who launches a thousand ships.

It's not as simple as in the animal world; frogs and birds have simple phenotypes that just need to be gaudy to attract mates, but as humans, we have many intangible factors to consider when we search for a partner, not withstricted to the size of the bosom or the gluteus maximus.So I suppose my stick would be..not whether the girl's prettiness adheres to the societal precedence towards a certain trend, but about how the girl presents herself to each individual. Surely, it is a definite yes that good looks, no matter how grey that area can be defined, are the initiating factor that fires off the synapses of a man's brain. We naturally will be interested in females who appeal to our very own definition of lovely, no matter how skewed or warped it might be. Some of us look out for curvy figures, some for a well sculpted, symmetrical face, or some tend to sway towards ladies with gorgeous length legs. Some like the chilli-padiesque girl, while some hit on the elegant ladies with that poise. Some hit the jackpot by getting all of the above, but as what Dilys said, what matters more is the inner beauty. Sure, it sounds cliche and so very hypocritical of me as another hot-blooded bachelor to say so when in essence, the 4 of us left in singapore still gawk at pretty ladies down Orchard, or gush about how goddess-like Felicia Chin may be to each other.

Okay, back to the issue before I move off tangent. What siying commented about us as being humans, that not everything has to be dictated by primal instinct is pretty true especially when we are capable of higher levels of cognition..otherwise we would be apes who fall out of trees alot. Nonetheless allow me to speak a word of defence fo the general male population..that sometimes we, no matter how highly educated or well mannered, are ruled by a dominant part of the brain that lies down in the groin area. When you see men go gaga and act idiotic in the party of women, that's Mr. Pants taking over..and theres nothing Brain can do about it. Truly, it is primal/human instinct that such parts of the brain have higher priority in the pecking order of thought, but think of it another way; we don't "grab and shag" like animals do, thats the least Brain can do for us! Like many of my brethren would always say..hey we're only human..
K...my final parting shot before I leave for Mahjong at LJ's again! Sometimes us guys agree, and sometimes we don't on how pretty a good looks. One might think she's hot, one might think she's ugly. That's how the quirks of our mind functions: Each of us have our definition of beauty no matter how skewed it would be in the world of plastic surgery, mass media and computer airbrushwork. The initial attraction and urge to get the number of that lady sitting opposite you would almost 100%ly be attributed to how good she looks, regardless Plain Jane or not according to societal standards *hehe LJ..*, but later on, prettiness would then transform itself in the eyes of the beholder. This is a far and very skewed example, but when the aforementioned guy says his gf is not pretty enough, he is insinuating that she is not attractive enough to him. Sure, he can go at lengths to reason that she is inadequate in this department, or severely well endowed in other unwanted ones, but this could also mean that the girl just didn't let her inner beauty shine through to, crudely again, take him by the balls. Does this mean its the girl's fault? Neither would it be, for it takes 2 hands to clap.

So let me end my post without inflamatory material...everybody has their obvious and hidden strengths. Every girl is beautiful, one way or another, and in a biblical view that every woman is forged from the rib of a man, I'm pretty sure as heck that man is hunting for his missing rib *damnnit...where the ****'s that rib!!!!* It only takes a glance from a girl to set a guy's heart aflutter, but it would need more than that look to keep our hearts from hitting ground zero.

Yup's that's my skewed take on beauty. We should send this whole thread down to Dove, we might win something! *will make LJ take pictures of Mahjong this time..seeya all soon!*

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whoa! it's pretty cool having so many long essays suddenly on the blog regarding what i wrote. but i always end up seeing white and black lines after reading off the blog. er.. like some optical illusion thingy. font too small lar. bad for eyes. haaa..

anyway, about the biological thingy..i know it's something i can't deny. it's true we are animals and we do have animal instincts. but the key thing is..... aren't we humans too? aren't we supposedly on the top of the food chain and aren't we supposedly 'more superior' to other animals? we have a brain, we have ideas, we have a heart, we have emotions. so why are we still allowing ourselves to be led by the nose by the animal side of us. why cant we let the human, thinking, compassionate side of us take over instead? if we're dependent on our animal instincts, we probably should be bearing children like nobody's business (propagate genes), changing mates all the time to ensure better genes and fighting all out to be the alpha male or something like that. since we're not exactly doing what the animals in the animal kingdom are doing, it probably shows we are slightly different in that we have another side of us that can dominate our animal instincts.. so i think hor, not very fair to always blame it on the animal side of us lar.. haa.. like that then we're like cows and horses lor. haa.. probably its the conflict between these sides of us that pple are in dilemma of how important looks should be.

anyway, i'm just really glad to see responses from you guys that even though looks are important, what's inside is of much more importance to u guys. thankfully! it's like a ray of light in this harsh world. haa.. i guess we can't really blame society or blame anyone who sets the high standards, we can only blame ourselves if we succumb to it. it's true, love yourself, have a higher self esteem and life will be so much easier on you.

as quoted from a friend ' you are loved not because you deserve it/ earn it/ or should be loved. you are loved just because you are. just because'. i thought it was really heartwarming to know that there are people out there who will love you no matter what. and thank you my jiemeis coz i know i'll always be comfortable around you no matter how i look like. =] thank you mrs goh and dilys too! glad to have girls like u two around. haa.. and liangjun and alex, looks may be important, but be careful........it's not everything. haa.. and i think unless u're one damn good looking model like hunk, it's probably not wise to be so picky. haa.. not that u two arent good looking lar!! yarlar~

study time.................

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whoa! posts have been flying here and there, my hands are ITCHY and i've decided to write sth.. :P pardon me for my not-so-good english coz i dun need lots of vocab to write scientific reports.. haha.. and i'm mugging apoptosis and cell signalling now.. so all i noe now are the different abbrev. of the different components.. :)

well, the point bout guys who only fancy pretty girls with the perfect figure.. i totally agree with that.. look at the couples on the streets.. you might see pretty girls with not-so-good-looking guys, but very seldom do you see guys with not-so-good-looking girls.. i've come to terms with it.. coz i believe it's in their blood.. it's an innate thing, almost like an animal instinct..

for myself, i'm definitely not on the pretty girl list.. it makes me feel inferior sometimes too, looking at girls out there who have the perfect figure and looks.. but on the flip side of the coin, i guess it has made me less superficial too.. as much as i want pple to look at my personality and inner beauty, i do the same to others.. i dun usually judge pple by their looks, unless you haf a super kiam-pa face.. hahaa!! my point is, looks are definitely impt, but if we girls are not blessed with it, we should look at it from another point of view.. count our blessings that we were able to grow in other areas in terms of values and thinking (physically too if you go for plastic surgery la!:P) if you're pretty, just be mindful not to abuse it.. if you're not, just let your personality and character shine.. it's a journey of building up our self esteem, as i always tell siying.. :) i'm still learning how to comfortable in my own skin..

putting it crudely, if guys are looking for pretty girls to be their gfs, and if they eventually marry them, i think the guys would suffer! haha.. if a girl is so obssessed with her looks, wat makes you think she'll do the laundry and dishes coz they kill her nails!? are you gonna wait for her for an hr just so that she can make her make up perfect? once or twice maybe, but more than that? i guess guys haf different standards when they're looking for girlfriends and wives.. guys our age are prob still going for looks, coz they're not out for a stable relationship.. it's the "we're still young! can afford to play around for a few more years!" kind of mentality.. haha.. i'm not attacking you LJ! i noe your kuan4, and i'm willing to embrace it coz you're my friend.. :) i'm just making a general statement.. :)

ok.. i think my post is less cheem than the others.. :P but wat i wanna say is that girls who are not born with the looks, just learn how to be comfortable with yourself.. there are alot of guys out there who are superficial, but there are many who're not too.. :) i like wat mrs goh said, that as long as we look clean and pleasent, it's good enuff.. as much as we wanna look better, we shudn't be too obsessed with it.. to tell the truth, i still dunno how to put on make-up! haha.. everytime i need to do it, i'll beg my sis to help me.. :P to me, looks dun last, coz we'll eventually all grow old and haf saggy skin and wrinkles and grow fat and haf ugly hair and ugly skin and ugly everything... but if you're able to see yourself as beautiful, no matter how fugly you may morph into in future when you grow old, you'll still see yourself as beautifuL! well, that would definitely make me very happie in future when i sit on my rocking chair.. :)

ok i better go back to mugging.. oh btw, LJ! my senior's a MSU finalist you noe! contestant no. 6, tay yiming.. haha.. she's the hot girl in school with never ending legs.. and NO i'm not going to intro you to her coz she's taken! :) haha..

so come on girls! we shudn't let men make us feel inferior coz we're not pretty enuff, but we shud make them feel inferior coz they're so superficial! ahhaha.. :P

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Wow this is so amazing.. so many essays flying around in the class blog.. but I shall not attempt to write an essay lest I reveal too many flaws in my writing.. haha.. the class blog is getting so happening with alex’s mouth watering delicious pics n the beautiful sceneries and the interesting train of thoughts following siying’s question.. and glad to see Mrs goh’s frequent posting-at-the-expense-of-household chores.. haha.. have been reading the class blog every now n then but often, I juz feel too lazy to write..

Hmm.. guess that both inner and outer beauty are impt but when choosing a mate, guess the former should be the more prominent criteria? Cos after all, outer beauty is not everlasting, 10-30 yrs down the road, your partner may grow old and may not look as gd as be4 but it’s the inner beauty that will stay within him/her or maybe it should be that inner beauty within a person that make u choose him/her as your life-long mate in the very first place.. anyway to truly love a person includes loving his/her everything including his/her flaws =)

Ok that’s juz my 2-cents worth of thoughts..

It’s the time of the yr when exams are nearing again.. hate exams.. just had a pharmaco test which requires us (pharmacy n nursing students) to memorize many many many many drug names, and requiring us to attempt a total of 120 questions in 50 mins! Yes, pure intense memory work, so dumb.. ok shall stop my complains here.. bet kristy is gg thru worst stuff as compared to us.. haha.. but looking at the bright side of life as we r always told to do so, the 3 months holidays are nearing too! Yeah a 1 month SEP awaits me! Yeah can’t wait for the exams to be over though I am slacking away like it’s post-exams already! Haha..

Ok take care pplz! ^_^


03S73 rocking off at 11:37 AM


haha, LJ, i liked your part on the biological aspect. i was contemplating putting in down yesterday in my post but thought you guys might switch off and think "there she goes again, want to remind us of the horrible A level Bio"... :-)

well glad you mentioned it. and i am certainly happy you retained your knowledge..
true, in the animal world, appearances (or the phenotype) would be a good indication of health and Vigour.

so a peacock with a grand tail would signify to the female, hey you see, i had enough resources left over and great fitness such that i can grow such a magnificent tail. and this means our sons will have great tails and we can carry on the family line indefinitely.

there are plenty other animal egs but they may bore you...

so for humans, where do the impt assets males consider come in? Warning: below contains explicit words. if you think you would like it, do not read further... if you read further, pls be reminded i am a Biology tr and take it in a bio way.

big bums/ hips. aka curves. they are considered sexy now, but used to be impt indicators of how well a woman can bear children. the wider the hips = bigger pelvic bones = easy to bear children (many many of them, and big ones too). of course now we have C-sect and so Mrs Mag Tan could give birth to Clarence who was 4.5kg big!! I have a small frame too, but my kids were small babies anyway. :-) Well, good thing Mr Goh didn't use this as his criterion when choosing a mate! :-)

big breasts. aka voluptuous like LJ said, or curvy tooo, as above. used to be impt indicator of the ability to nurse babies. the larger the breasts, the more milk... actually now, recent studies have proved that women with small breasts can equally breastfeed very well and can have very fat babies due to demand-supply. i.e. if baby feeds a lot, the body naturally produces more milk to supply the baby. so well, that's now. anyway in the long ago past it wasn't a sex object, and people generally felt if breasts are bigger then there'd be more milk. since bigger breasts means more fatty tissue and glands, more glands means can produce more milk. yup, that kind of logic.

then of course, after that, perhaps the facial features are next impt, and then quality of skin, that kind of things, which will indicate health and vigour. eyes are impt, because from the eyes a lot of diseases can be diagnosed. like jaundice. haha, poor example, but anyway if a person is sick, you really can tell from the eyes. they are yellow or bloodshot and well, just not sparkling. symmetry of the face too... shan't go into the lips discussion, some of you may find it disgusting.

anyway, ya, glad you brought it up LJ. although yesterday's post and today's have made me super behind time in my housework. haha

off to do laundry now.

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wow, been checking in to the blog a few times these few days but only for short periods of time. and I was always stuck at Alex's delicious photos.. Sorry Mrs Goh and Tian Han if I sounded too offensive! Didn't mean to.. Just practicing my composition skills.. I'm kinda lousy at choosing words now.. haha..

Erm regarding Siying's post.. While Mrs Goh gave her trillion pounds worth, let me give my half-a-rupiah's worth to add to the tally of the guys' responses.. (pathetically 2 so far :( Nah just kidding, we're the only REAL guys here so its full attendance. :p )

Well I must say that, yes, we are hypocrites in the sense of what you (Siying) said, you know.. we always say looks don't matter but we obviously (no pun intended) favour the better looking ones.

I guess why we say looks don't matter and instead, inner beauty does, is that, we want to sound morally, politically, socially, ethically and whatever-ially correct. Truth be told, I for one, as you all know so well, am a hot blooded male, single and on the cusp of adult bachelorhood
(actually not really.. been a bachelor for quite a while now..but for the sake of keeping my vocab well oiled for uni use, I couldn't resist using the word cusp)
AND I am always on the prowl for pretty girls..
(again, pardon me for sounding offensive.. I could think of no better word..)
The fact is plain for all to see. Guys like me are always going after the bimbotic pageant girl for a quality that the plain Jane CANNOT choose to alter/is born with.. no matter how much smarter, kinder, or more good manners she has. This is seen as an uneven playing field to these ladies.. and for every Ms Universe out there, there are a thousand other plain Jane's around. Being truthful and directly forthright that, you know, i'm not going to go after you because someone's more pretty than you, is going to earn you the wrath of the thousand or more mentioned above.. and so, to sound compassionate and sensitive, we obviously condemn the outspoken, so-called "superficial" people, therefore APPEARING magnanimous and thus hypocritical.

I choose to explain why we favour better looking ones from a biological point of view. Humans, like animals (whether of male or female gender), tend to favour the opposite sex with a so-called, erm.. perceived, greater ability to reproduce. And it just so happens that, in my opinion, looking beautiful or handsome is associated with greater reproductive ability/ increased chances of offspring surviving/ increased chances of offspring finding potential mates so THEY themselves can have increased chances of reproducing, to carry on the species line. For males, a hunkier guy is seen to be able to provide security and protection to the weaker sex. (my male ego is at play.. no apologies for that though, women ARE the physically weaker sex.) For females, a voluptous woman is thought to be more suited to giving birth, as compared to, say, a skinny, bamboo thin girl, or obese, high blood pressure woman etc..Hence, simply put, humans prefer the better looking people for no particular reason except by the genes with which we are programmed with (or is it coded, or expressed, or phenoty-pefied with), and through my own research in the encyclopedia of my own brain, this is a natural phenomenon consistent throughout all living organisms.

As Mrs Goh says, "when we are more confident, have high self-esteem...happy, you naturally have a glow, and then your partner will think you are beautiful" and I definitely agree, fervently, that these are also important leading factors to have when choosing a potential mate. Again from a biological/natural viewpoint, I believe that a self-assured person is an attractive person who will inadvertently signal to a potential mate that, (to put it crudely) hey! mate with me and we can have many healthy children! In other words, the opposite sex will naturally go for the ones that they think can increase their chances of reproduction because this self-assuredness implies a stronger will to survive and hence reproduce.

TO CONCLUDE, looks play a very, very, VERY vital role in choosing partners BUT I feel that if one is not blessed with this quality, it is still not a cause for despair.. After all, there can only be one Ms Universe/Ms world, and the majority always wins.. Ok just kidding.. but you get my point..


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hey guys, no replies to siying's post? except for alex's tag?

well, siying, i am not a guy, but i've got some comments. although i am no wiser than you guys, i am older---hmm, let's see you guys are 03S73, i'm from 94S73, so I am 9 yrs older... ok. here's my 2 cents worth (from a little more experience in life)

my parents brought me up to regard looks as superficial too. so does my religion. both have always encouraged me to build on inner beauty only. aiyah once you see my childhood photos you'll see.. my mom dress me in tees and shorts mostly, no princess studio shots (like other girls)... cut hair also she cut for me until i went to NY still she cut...

as i grew up and went to school, i realised that reality is that people have a first impression of you and it sticks, and first impressions are based on looks. it can't be inner beauty because they haven't got the chance to know you better yet.

so in pri sch, i realised why the head prefect has to be the good looking one... hmm... because she is the most popular and the teachers love her angelic face and sweet smile?

then in Sec sch, popularity is mostly based on looks and popularity will get you certain things too. only thing it is not that bad in an all girls school, cos we don;t have to vie for the guys' attention. :-)

oh in JC and Uni, it was the same. look at the councillors, look at any positions in Excos of CCAs... who gets the most votes? must be good-looking, besides talents you know. who are the teachers' pet? not the nerd in class who can answer the teacher's every Q you know? it is the good looking one... Ok, must say, not all trs are like that (eg. me, haha) but some are.

Hey Jc and after was the worst, i realised at scholarship interviews or even Medicine interviews, this rule also applies! just a disclaimer, i did get a scholarship in JC and I didn't go for Medicine interviews, so it is not a personal experience, but rather looking at which of my classmates got in. some had better results than others but failed to enter, some didn't do so well but got in! i can only say it was the performance at the interview. it may be that good-lookers talk better because they are more confident. they know, "hey I look good..."... but it could be that because they look good the interviewers just naturallly have a better impression of them.

ok, then jobs... this is not a secret. you know how they call pple for interviews? check out the photos on the application forms, really. not just for the secretary jobs you know... everything.
when i was doing honours, cannot name names, but even this post grad who helped to interview potential masters students with the supervisor, they were all looking at the photos to decide which can get the place lor.

then even in schools, when there are so many teachers applying for a single post, i have personally encountered how they decide by looking at the photos, cos their qualifications were similar.

Promotions too.

then there are casual social situations. from my dad, i thought all good guys also look at inner beauty. that most guys are not shallow or superficial? oh man, when i had better or closer guy friends, esp at work (again cannot name names, haha), i realise hey, do guys all think like that? these people are people who I respect a lot in their work, they look so gentlemanly and they are just great people... but their basic instincts are all the same!!!! i cannot go into details but the talk that i get to hear when they are discussing girls together, i can only draw one conclusion. to men, looks are important. and siying, unfortunately it kind of includes certain parts of the body.

Well, up till here it sounds pretty sad for pple who don;t think they are good looking right? not to worry. i feel also that for everyone, what you were born with, you can enhance. so for everyone there is the maximum potential and we must make sure to achieve that.

for one, always looks pleasant and neat. so errm, i wouldn't say shaving armpits is superficial. i think it makes one look more pleasant and neat? :-) the same goes for plucking eyebrows, perhaps keeping a clean face, using nice smelling shampoo.... wearing clothes that hide your weaknesses and highlight your assets? having a suitable hairstyle? yup... we may not all have that much money to go for high end treatments, facials or plastic surgery but i think we can do the basic, and once we do that we feel better, when we are more confident, have high self-esteem, then we will do better in everything too... job, studies etc.

as for bf, or even gf and getting your lifelong partner, not to worry. when you've done the above, and are confident and happy, you naturally have a glow, and then your partner will think you are beautiful. by then, he or she will have known you much better and seen your inner beauty. there will definitely be things unique and special to you that others don't have, and that partner will realise that he can only find that in you. and thus, you can get married and be happy ever after. oh, he may glance at other pretty girls once in a while, especially when you get older. but just let him be (no need to get angry), he belongs to you and will never stray more than just that glance, as long as you maintain that inner beauty and those special things that belong to you, or the both of you only.

that's how i went through life, despite not being blessed with extreme beauty. haha. and i do consider myself as being very successful and happy you know. and i am very confident (to the point of being too hao lian, as my good friends will tell me). that's what matters. i am very happy and contented now.

hope it has been a little enlightening or maybe at least an uplifting post.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Happened to come across a certain issue and even after 2 hours of discussion with my bf, i still can't shake it out of my head. So i thought probably mention it and see you guy's take on it..

Why are we placing so much emphasis on looks? Why being is slim and pretty or tall and hunky so sought after, while anything less than the perfect model look is deemed undesirable? Why are people constantly trying to change themselves by dieting or by plastic surgery? Are they mindless people trying to fit themselves into a certain small oppressing 'box' set by a certain few people in society? Or do you say they are determined and strong people trying to maximize their potential and improving themselves because they know they can be better?

When i hear things like guys dump their girlfriends, giving the reason that the girl is not hot enough, or there are hotter girls to shag. I must admit I jumped to preconceived notions and immediately condemned them as superficial bastards. I thought that by basing their choice on such a reason just makes them unforgivable and shallow. Super shallow bastards. I don't understand why is there even this idea that it should even matter that much. But, it's a dilemma. Society thinks good looks is great! Everyone is working hard to look better and we are superficial shits too, judging people by how they look. (For example, alot of people think I have a pissed off face when i don't smile so I'm a scary person. haaa..) But when there are people who make their choice based on looks, we condemn them. We say they are superficial. Aren't we just hypocrites who like to hide behind this angelic facade, cheating ourselves to think we are holy saints who don't think looks are important, while they are the ones who are honest. They think looks matter, they admit so and their behaviour reflects it.

A very interesting question posted by my bf is that 'why is breaking up coz she's not pretty enough not ok while breaking up coz she's not nice enough is acceptable?' Probably he's right in the sense that ultimately the reason doesn't matter. If you're unsatisfied with something and you're not happy with the person (for whatever reason) and you have the right to look for someone better who can fit your expectations. In the end, everyone is just looking for their perfect mate and happiness, so there's no need to judge them for the criterias they set.

Probably I'm so uptight over this is because I feel like why choose to break up with her over something she has no control over! It's seriously not her fault she's born with small eyes or small breasts or whatever thing that you guys think is too small lar. It's such a feeling of helplessness, like there's really no hope. There's nothing she can do to change to be better to keep the relationship. Then, the rebuttal comes: even though the person can't help about the way he/she looks, the partner should not be the one to bear the responsibilities. He shouldn't be tied down in any way just because it is something that cannot be changed. Sigh..I have nothing to argue for that. haa..

I guess saying the person is a bastard is probably really too harsh. But no matter what, I think it's a really silly thing to focus on. Looks matter, of coz they do. But I dont think I'll dump my bf just coz he loses his abs or something and hopefully I can say the same for him. haa.. Looks is just a fleeting 'good', it can't last forever. So why base your choice on such an uncertainty? What happens when it's gone? Is there anything else to fall back on? It's just so silly to focus on that and probably overlook all the other good things in a person.

I know it's really bad to be so judgmental and jump to conclusions so easily but it breeds insecurity to know that looks are so important. How can I allow myself to grow just a tiny inch of cellulite or grow a pimple or forget to shave my armpit hair (lol) or get fat after a pregnancy or grow old and wrinkly and still know that it doesn't matter? That the special someone will still love me for whatever form I morph into one day. It's just so sad.

Anyway, my conclusion is that everyone has different things they value more. And if someone wishes to make his decisions based on the outside looks, it's fine. So long as they are happy doing what they are doing. And.....they better bloodly hell make sure their next gf is prettier than the one they dumped. haa..

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Constrained in time and bound by work (and well, er-hem, other commitments, as mentioned in below posts), I finally am able to procure and preserve a meagre fraction of a particular Sunday night to continue my recollections of a beautiful and gastronomical journey...

It has a been long wait, no more delays; I hereby proudly present to y'all, Taiwan: More than in Words, Part 2!

As left of from my previous post, it continues with me still in Hualian. Having spent the most of my first day at Taroke Gorge, the second day starts with a hearty breakfast and a little walk around my neighbourhood.

I must add that Hualian itself is not a very developed city; most of the youths or skilled labour goes to Taipei to work. What's left work in plantations of fruits or flowers; agriculture is the main livelihood here. The city centre is much smaller and sub-urban as compared to Taipei City. For future travellers going to Taiwan, my advice is to visit Hualian, but don't stay long.

Anyway, we got to know from the owner of the 民宿 that there is a famous historical site in our area we can get to by foot. With a hand-drawn map (courtesy of him), we set off.

Along the way we got to walk past many of these fields. Some are growing flowers, some even rice. As I look across the fields, I hear the chirping of birds and the whistling of grass... you can almost immerse yourself in the silence and serenity. the traffic here is light, pollution is absent; a welcoming breeze in the cool weather can be really refreshing.

The historical site is a Shinto temple left from the World War I era; the Japanese that moved here when Taiwan was annexed to Japan constructed this. It was preserved by the gov't later.

Later that day, we returned to Taipei. We visited another famous attraction: 中正纪念堂. It's devoted to the founder and first president of Taiwan, Chiang Kai Shek.

The place has 3 parts: 2 side halls, which are converted to a theatre and a concert hall.

The main hall, is the main exhibition area. You find Mr Chiang sitting stiffed and encrusted in bronze at the top.
1955 6-man Cadillac
Below is where you can find the exhibition area which introduces the life and history of CKS. He's a man that led a life of taste and luxury, but also earned the respect of the Taiwanese during his time.
It's interesting to note that after his exile from China, he seems to be leading a better life... he established several diplomatic relations, made several trips to many countries, and made quite a few allies.

At night, it was 淡水. It's beside the sea, with a lot of great food. They've got a bustling night market by the sea, and they are also famous for their 铁蛋, as well as this restaurant where supposedly Jay Chou is a regular. -_-'"

We took a ferry to 渔人码头, with this bridge (情人桥) where a scene of Meteor Garden was filmed. -_-'"

But anyway it's got a nice view of the sea and the night lights of Danshui. A place for couples. :)

The next day we made a trip down to Sun Yat Sen's Memorial Hall. Basically similiar to the CKS one. What's worth seeing is the things around it... there's a huge garden and a giant seated statue of Mr Sun.
I got to witness a change-of-guard parade. Impressive!

鼎泰峰 at Taipei. Cheaper and better. Must try. Writing this entry makes me hungry.

Taipei 101 from outside... and inside. Didn't go to the top due to psychological defiance of personal monetary output.

National Palace Museum. The exhibits are all the historical documents and artefacts taken from the Forbidden Palace as the KMT was making their escape to Taiwan. Smart bastards.
Very impressive things I saw... there was a ivory sculpture of a boat no bigger than 8cm across, complete with passengers in actions and expressions, and a book in the boat with text you can read with a magnifying glass. There was a lifelike jade sculpture of a cabbage with insects. I also saw a lot of ancient paintings and calligraphy, political documents, pottery, and metalworks going to as old as the Han dynasty.

七里香. It's good... know what it is?
Second round of 士林!!! Special mention of the 鸡排. It's HUGE.

A temple (龙山寺)I visited on the last day. It's got beautiful architecture... and it's known to be accurate in its divinations and responsive to prayers. It was a weekday and still very crowded. Says something?
It was packing up and some last minute shopping later... as the plane took off from the runway I felt a twinge of sadness. The trip has certainly left me some lasting impressions. If I had the chance to go to Taiwan again, i would say i will take it without hesitation; after all, there's still too much to explore and try in Taiwan. If you're looking for a place to go, with a decent budget, either with friends or family; Taiwan is worth a try.

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