Thursday, February 24, 2005

feeling damn gek at the moment so paiseh arh,use the class blog to rant for awhile.the thing is i went for tuition,a pair of twins yesterday.when i was teaching them,they said they understood what i was saying.but they were not really paying attention,playing with phone,scribble on my paper that kinda things lar.then they called up the agency to say they totally din understand what i was saying yesterday.kao..backstab lor.kept asking if they understood not..sian.ill neverNEVERNEVER! teach tuition lar.esp to twins.sian.
btw,i have an account.created it for my other class to add?

gek like shit,

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I think we will have a class outing after the guys' passing out parade. Somewhere in mid march. Yeah, ppl want to go sentosa/beach, haha, or have a meal. Anything also can, will update details later. Yeah, phyllis and siying! why u tag but never post? If you have blogspot account tell me k, then i can add u and u can post on this blog with your own account.

Constance! haha, muz ask ur sis to help make blog I CMI, getting old liao, not good with this computer stuff, must ask younger people like your sis to help. Haha

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hello!!! yay!!! finally can come online. my computer spoil la. argh.. now at my fren's hse now using his com.. haha!! so fun just came home from canoeing.. quite burnt.. yay. been quite busy.. working and church stuff.. but work is super boring.. haiz.. working at MOE. yup.. miss you all.. the fun we had in school. miss lectures too can u believe it? and all the silly stuff we used to do. yup. .i gtg. see ya soon! :)

will try to make this blog look nicer.. haha.. ask my sis help. she's quite good at this

love ya all,

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Monday, February 21, 2005

heyy everybody! haha testing out now, since just got to know about this from th and i have time to kill before going out to work. think having this blog to k.i.t is much better than yahoogroups, cos i haven been getting all the mails n stuff from it. jus realised it's been in junk mail ever since dunno when. hhaha.

anyways, really going beach ar? not that i mind, but haha i'm already super dark already you know. all thanks to the coaching everyday under the sun. like what th commented that time, i tink i'm even darker than i was playing netball in hwa chong! haha but i still gian go beach, so i dun mind. the thing is, must organise soon le. blahs, 4thmarch is like super super near. think since everyone working, most prob weekend better rite. like sat? anw, if beach too mf for everyone, i tink we all meet for dinner also good mahs. how about this sat???

haha. okays i guess thats all. seeyer all very soon!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey, ppl, pls spread the news about this blog!! haha
I created another account with blogspot and added myself, now i can post messages as myself!

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hey peoplez,

been MIA for quite a long time... kaeyz, tianhan forced me to post one. since he xing xing ku ku created this blog, shall not disappoint him.

let's have a class outing to beach... can play ball (soccer, volley anything lah), swim, cycle, fish, fly kite, enjoy the sea breeze, chit chat... sounds good?? most of the girls working now, guys in camp, we need to get out and be in touch with nature... sounds weird... anywaez, quick meet up before results come out... scary...

okaeyz, that's all folks...

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yeah! ppl, got this new class blog, it's pissing me off already, i scrolled through so many templates and most of them are crap and all of them are made in Singapore one, wassup with anyway, this blog is diff okay, this is not for u to rant and talk abt urself, this serves as a message board for US, the class, for us to keep in touch and update each other on ourselves, sooo, post more!!

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harloe everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Testing testing 1 2 3...

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Thursday, February 17, 2005


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