Monday, June 26, 2006


ahaa! i saw a heart-shaped water droplet on my kitchen table and i couldn't resist taking a photo of it and posting it up. haa.. even nature likes the shape of love. haa..


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Thursday, June 15, 2006

wth..stupid driving test. i kenna quite jialat also loh...first off I had duty previous night, basically didn't get any sleep for the whole night. Nemind, go home sleep until 1, then start intensive training at circuit with my uncle until calf go cramped.

In the same format, here i go..

crap loh...everything i do nicenice leh, just suddenly at the slope my leg cramped on the clutch, never release enough, backroll somemore. #$%^&* somemore during direction change i SWEAR i had my eyes looking at every damned angle, but the dumb tester simply refused to acknowledge that. nehneh. kenna like 8pts out of the circuit liao.


"Cause other vehicles to slow down or take evasive action" X 1 = 8
"Veer off course" X 1 = 4
"Fail to slow down when approaching road hazards" X 1 = 6

WTF..some idiot bangla put lane closed on the highway la...i change lane liao only to realize the fella forgot to take the sign back...WAHLAO make me minus dunno how many marks loh. Then just on the road back home got this idiot black Lancer, retarded until @#$@^#&@. I want to change lane but he just nyehnyeh want to stay on my right. I slow down then he also slow down...I speed up he also speed up. Basket, just my luck to kenna this type of crap..

ohyeah, and lj, that idiot also said i speed too much. wtf, the speed limit on the highway's 70kmph la, wad he expect me to do, 20? really never bang car can liao wad..

dun care liao, i convert to go-carting.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

wah liao!! you damn exciting leh tian han! haha! I also had some "fun" on the road today, worse still, it was my DRIVING TEST!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

It all started with...

wah lau, the freaking directional change screwed up! for those who don't know, its like this 3 point turn. you go straight, reverse and turn 90 degrees, then go out 90 degrees in the opp dir. so you get a 180 degree turn of the car. I practiced so many times but on this $%^$% day i kenna the kerb. first time lor..

the rest of the circuit was fine.. no problems.. Then just when i thought, ok, 10 points for the kerb, no big deal, can still pass....


"Fail to slow down when approaching road hazards" X 2 = 12 points
"Change lane abruptly" X 2 = 8 points
"Not enough side clearance given to other road user" X 1 = 8 points
"Cause other vehicles to slow down or take evasive action" X 1 = 8 points
"Late braking" X 3 = 4 points

"Improper action causing accident/near accident" = immediate failure

Got 50 points lah! who the HELL gets 50 POINTS!!?!?!

KAO..... The tester said i was driving too fast.. haha.. wah lau.. don't bang can already right, no big deal what.. haha..

So now my re-test is on 911. Sorry can't give you return students a car ride.. HAHA..

TH, i also wanna go USA and speed!!!!


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WAAAHHH damn angst, I must tell this to someone man.

Went to Cedar point in Ohio, the world's BEST theme park for a whole day of roller coaster fun today. After going there, you realise all the other roller coasters else where in the world is shit. Anyway, damn fun, but i'll post pics some other time.

BUT, WAOLIAO, when I came back, I KENNA FREAKING POLICE. #$@#%#$ (Oh, by the way, I was driving, 2 hour trip to and 2 hour trip back) WAOLIAO, I KENNA SPEEDING TICKET, freaking US$115!!!! ALmost $200 SING!! WALAH, damn stupid ass police. I was travelling at 82mph (131kmph) which is ahem, not considered a lot over the limit 70mph(113kmph). AND I KENNA! PULLED OVER by the side, stupid freaking police switch off all lights and hide by the freaking roadside to catch ppl. Idiots. Was like all those police videos u see on tv lah, damn, the police came over and shine light into my car and ask for me liscence.

The best thing, I GOT NO LISCENCE YET!!!
Alright, but I do have a driving permit, which allows me to drive on the road to learn.

But anyway, damn ANGST! kenna speeding ticket without having liscence first!!! OMG. And all this plus on the way there, I exited the highway onto a bend too fast and went off the road and I skidded and swerved and all the shit lah. (PLus i ran red light 2 weeks ago by accident) FReakING dangerous, but exciting though. BUT WAOLIAO, all this without having a liscence. Sigh, I HATE DRIVING. I am so going to die after i buy my car....f***

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Friday, June 09, 2006

hey people!
head on down to night safari to enjoy the cool night wind and beautiful scenery plus the animals!haa..bear with the ants and the spiders that litter the whole path and pray it doesn't rain coz wet ground and vegetation gets alil irritating sometimes.haa..get onto the tram if u're lazy to walk,u get to see areas where people can't get to on foot.but u'll be a distance away from all the animals.and it costs 8 dollars more.haa..take photos with the pythons,servals and owls for 5 dollars per person inside the safari.and give the bongo burger at the entrance a try too (made of real bongo deer sure).haa..

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