Friday, June 29, 2007


i know i pangsehed u guys for the jurong east buffet a couple of times saying i dont want to eat buffet yet i went for a buffet myself as pointed out by liangjun, i must say free food tastes slightly better. haa.. we had a voucher for the m hotel 'the buffet' and it requires reservation a couple of days in advance so we failed to get a table for lunch a few times and finally! we got to eat at the highly recommended 'the buffet' yesterday! yay~

they have lots of interesting starters. u can make ur own caesar salad topped with roasted pine nuts and their chawsiew n shaorou are actually pretty yummy. haa.. sushi was alright only, coz it's not a japanese restuarant afterall mah..

mussels with the lemon butter garlic sauce like fish&co's and salmon with mustard sauce. their tempura is pretty good too! does anyone know how to fry crispy tempura? the last time i attempted, it was just fried prawns w batter. haa.. it didn't fluff up like a tempura lar!

roast beef with mustart sauce (again). seems like they like to add mustard into quite alot of food. haa.. and laksa laksa~

and the best way to end off a super heavy dinner is with super lot of desserts! haaa.. there were like 2 types of chocolate cakes, different types of mini french pastries, small shotglasses of lychee w aloe vera, mango pudding, banana crumble, ice cream, fruits. quite abit of variety lar. the banana crumble is nice..but....the vanilla sauce that we poured all over it tastes like the chinese almond (xing ren). waaaaaaaaaaaaah...i almost died when i took the plate back to the table. the smell was super overpowering and it covered up the taste of the bananas lar..which was a time, when u see sauces do just pour it at a corner of ur plate just in case it sucks. haa

actually, i dint eat alot, just alittle of everything but i was so supersupersuper full. urgh.. and the table next to us was a couple who started eating before us and left later than us. each of them had their own plates full of food while junming n i were sharing every plate of food we took. and the irritating thing abt that couple is that the girl is super skinny. argh!!!! how i wish i have an appetite to match my greed and can be like too much to ask for.haa..
and after a heavy meal, wat can be better than taking a nap right outside the restuarant. haaa..


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Siem Reap: Home to the ancient Khmer Angkor temples; such remarkable structures that it has a place as one of the wonders of the world. It is a feat of ancient architecture that amazes till now. A pride of Asia culture, and a priceless artefact left in time.
To be standing in it is a feeling indescribable - you will have to be there yourself. 'Nuff said.

Angkor Wat - the more renowned temple of the Angkor temples.


Ta Prohm: another temple. Less majestic, but the alluring part is how the temple seemingly blended with the forest. Trivia: Tomb Raider was filmed here.

In case you were bored:

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Friday, June 22, 2007


Since im having such a long holiday and im basically slacking my life away at the moment, i aim to bake as many things as i can!! but quite a few flopped for the first time lar. haa..

This is jellyhearts, of coz it doesnt look as pro as the one where i got the recipe from. i wonder how she managed to cut them out so nicely.

It is actually non-baked cheese together with a layer of jelly on top. Anyone of u know whether outside bakeries or cafes sell these jellyhearts? never seen them sold outside before..

After conquering the non-baked cheesecake (haa!), i decided to attempt the baked kind. ok, it looks really bad. haa.. when i popped it into the oven to bake and turned around to wash the dishes, it burnt. haa.. smoke was came out of the oven. haa.. so i scraped off the top layer and that's why it looks so funny lar. haa..BUT! it doesn't taste too bad! yay~ even my sister who doesn't really love cheesecake said it's nice. haaa.. ok lar, looks-wise like minus 100 points but i'll be trying it again and hopefully it'd turn out well! haa..

Anyway, i found blogs of singaporean stay-home moms who cook and bake really often. And mrs goh, they somehow remind me of u. haa.. This Happy Home Baking is a really interesting website. she bakes with and for her two boys so i feel that her kids must be having a fun-filled childhood.. haa.. i aim to learn to bake properly so can force my kids to eat wat i bake next time. muahahahaaa.. =]

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally... got my com back into operation... lotsa of things to show u all, but a bit lost currently. Meanwhile, had went for 2 little trips... one to Siem Reap and one to Tioman.

Here's Tioman in short:

More pics next time... hope this inspires something :)

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Monday, June 11, 2007


i'm back to advertise somemore.haa..there are new additions to the propergender website! this time it's earrings so there wont be a problem with sizes and i'm the photographer again so do go take a look!


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hi Guys,

there's another alternative to the Sunplanners one.

This is cheaper at about $135 per pax. 13th and 14th june is fine. If need to change date then note that weekends are hard. The advert can be found in You zhou kan. The stuff available are as follows...

"Hi bro there is no aircon in e rms only fans... during e 9 its quite windy..Snorkeling gears r provided..Whereas its advisable 2 brin yr own fishin gear.Fishing in e pool will be $40 per day n deepsea fishing wil be $80 for 3hrs...All taxes r included in e package...There r conoes , pool table, k-rm... If yr grp would like 2 buy wine or liquior pls buy at DFS in spore.. Beer over at e resort is cheap.. All yr meals r in.....

So far we've got Jaymie, Siying, Sisi, Jiaho and Lj confirmed for the 13-14 June.
Alex can't make it and HH would prefer it to be after the 18th.

Lets make a decision soon yeah.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Thank you for your interest in our kelong.

We regret that we're left with fan rooms only for weekdays and the coming 2 weekends are fully booked until 23 June 2007.

The prices posted on our web is no longer valid as it was only valid for the year 2005. Will update the changes in our web page to reflect the change as soon as we can. Please find the 2007 New Price List as follow.

Our Kelong is located in a hideaway corner of Indonesia, Tanjong Pinang,which is about 2 Hours ferry ride away from Singapore and about an hour of land transfer.

There is a 800m bridge across the clear blue water that links the white shore to our Kelong. Our kelong has 4 boats that can ferry you across upon request at no cost.Our Kelong houses 18 fan and 10 air-con rooms, each with attached bath. At full capacity, it can have a minimum of 56 pax based on twin-sharing. Kettle boiled hot water for bath will be provided on request.

Nett Cost Per Pax Fan room or Air-Con room
Adult Child Adult child
2D1N S$170 S$110 S$175 S$115
3D2N S$235 S$155 S$240 S$160

Note: Infant and Children below 12 years old will pay the child fare.
Children 12 and above will pay adult fare.

The above cost includes:

1 or 2 night stay at Kelong
6 sumptuous meals per day
Free flow of coffee, tea and bottled drinking water
2 way ferry transfer
2 way land transfer

Excludes the following taxes:

Passenger Departure Tax S$5 per pax
Fuel Surcharge S$5 per pax
Tanjong Pinang Terminal Fee of S$5 per pax.

Free use of the facilities:

fishing bait provided for fishing (bring Your own fishing rods), sotong netting, body surfing, canoeing, bananaboat riding, island hopping, snorkeling (bring your own equipment),darts, children's indoor playground, billiards, mahjong game and karaoke.

However, Jet Ski is available at S$100 per hour.

Please see booking form below for your perusal.

Hear from you soon!

9011 6184


so...whaddaya think?

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Sunday, June 03, 2007


i am here to advertise for my sister's small business venture with her friends. they bought clothes from overseas and are selling them off the internet.

i've seen the stuff they bought back and they really are pretty nice stuff and i even have some of them lar. the t-shirts fits real good and really comfortable. ok lar, ive got limited vocab but the clothes are pretty in trend stuff i guess. and they are selling it cheap. cheapcheapcheap coz it's their first attempt so they want to set up a good rep, try it out first before they make future adjustments.

i posted one of the t-shirts they are selling lar. its cheap man, only 10 bucks. u can't find any nice decent t-shirts for 10 bucks nowadays. haa.. and say u guys like the photos! coz i took them! haaa..think i may have some photography skills afterall! haaa..

do go take a look and support my sister! no guys clothes for now but if response is good, they may bring in even more good and cheap stuff!


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