Tuesday, January 30, 2007

无神论 (英文版)


I wanna believe in all the miracles too
I wanna believe in all the fairy tales with you
I want the happy ever after
Really, I do

But how can that be,
when I don't know if Heaven is true?
There is no eternity
For an atheist like me

When I die, is death the end? (runaway)
I'll never see your face again (again, again, again)
I want the happy ever after
I want it with you
But how can that be
when I don't know if Heaven is true?

There is no eternity
For an atheist like me
When I die, is death the end? (runaway)
I'll never see your face again (again, again, again)

And if you should go without me,
Just promise me
That you will always be happy

And when I die is death the end? (runaway)
I'll never see your face again (again, again, again)
And when I die is death the end? (runaway)
I'll never see your face again (again, again, again)

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some pictures from me!

halloween, waoliao, the bald head patch din work very well, still can see hair one.
right one is at lake michigan, sort of chalet place. nice sceneries.

i got served pretty bad on my 21st bday. haha. i had 21 shots of either barcardi 151, martel, absolute and wadeva or from a bb gun at 3 meters. was drunk and had tons of blisters on my back. memorable though. haha.

skiing trip! fun but i hurt my knee, sigh, got twisted quite bad. still hurts!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

since jaymie girl has always been an enthu supporter of all our class gatherings, she deserves a post about her bday and the dinner we had together! and of coz to say how good the food at tao's is lar, which is made even better that i very blurly went home without realising i dint pay for it. haa.. i got treated and dint realise till i was home. haa.. thanku to kirk. haa..

anyway, its a surprise surprise dinner so while we were waiting for the bday girl to appear, we conspired with the pple singing that night to sing a bday song when she comes down the escalator. so mtv. haa.. but it kinda flopped lar coz just nice at that moment when jaymie came down the escalator, they sang a bday song...for another dude. haa.. so they had to re-sing the bday song after that. so many bdays that day..

while waiting...

anyway, the dinner there is good man.. thanks to the recommendations of kristy dear, we made good orders and it was a whopping 7-course meal lar! kudos to kristy, sisi and ziqian, i managed to distribute my meal all around. haa..

the yummy fruit salad...chunks of apple, mango and shredded crap stick meat on top..pumpkin soup! it even comes in a pumpkin bowl lar! too bad they took away the 'hat'.haa..grilled chicken..the ball of orange stuff at the corner is mashed sweet potato. special sia..people use potato they must do something different. haa..the best thing of the night.. creme brulee.. there's always space for desserts no matter how full u are.. it tastes like portuguese egg tart without the pastry. yum!

those photos i took are in my web album http://picasaweb.google.com/siyingoO and those by jaymie are in hers. go check them out! haa..

i so love the girls..-hug-

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Hey guys!

What's up, its been a really long time since I posted so I guess its finally time. How's life going for you guys? I am really happy you all are still meeting up and keeping in touch with each other. I really want to be there too, but, oh well, I will be there spiritually. Haha.

I guess you all checked out Mrs Goh's blog, haha. Well, I hope I might get an opportunity to drive down to Utah to visit her during one of the breaks, haha. Well, its pretty much like Utah here in Michigan. Snows all the time and it is freaking cold, damn, I hate it. A few days ago, it was so cold my car door got frozen so bad I could not open it, hahaha, I tried sticking my fingers in between the door in hope of melting some ice with body heat. In the end, I have to open my hatchback and climb in through the behind... And driving in snow is a killer, soo dangerous, argggg. This is the kind of things I have to put up with.

Quite a lot happened since the start of school and I hope I can post some pictures next time. I went to this really nice place beside lake michigan and had a lot fun during that road trip. Went skiing too, just 2 weeks ago! And as usual, me and my friends get crazy sometimes and party a little.(finally got to 21, so i can buy alcohol! haha) Got lot's of pictures actually, will post next time.

I also found a job as research assistant with the university, had to work 12 hours a week, but I get paid US$10 per hour. Haha, had to earn some cash for living. Well, school fees are on the rise and my allowance is still the same, so I am really really poor now, cooking everyday. Oh well, I learnt how to cook (i think i am pretty good cook now) and I learnt how to appreciate credit cards, oh man, so heng I can pay the bills at the end of the month when my paycheck comes.

Heh, 1 year and 3 months more to go for me. 1 year and 3 months closer to being independent. Learning how to be independent is really important, and its not THAT easy. Sigh, lot's of things to do, manage your bills, fill tax returns, pay rent, buy groceries, cook, clean the house, maintain the car, petrol bills and oh god, and school work and part-time work AND ambitions and dreams and friends and chilling and having fun. Lol, dosent really sound that fun. Haha, but, hey, I am enjoying every moment of it, this is life, with all the messy stuff that bothers you and irritates you and also with all the stuff you enjoy, good company, great fun, good food, good music, random talking cock and the best, good old slacking.

Damn, satisfying and fullfilling.

Oh, but so tiring too.......

Haha, its 3.05 am and I have 2 assignment due with lab reports and blah blah. Gotta get back to work guys. Haha, keep the posting up!


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


LOL had fun jh, thx!

Have fun! :)


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Sunday, January 14, 2007


your lunch break will never be the same again..

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

hello everybodY! it's 2am now, and i'm blogging about our mini gathering at 07's orientation campfire today! haha.. efficient rite? heh.. the turn up was quite small, all the pple who pangseh in the end shud feel guilty! hahaha.. just kidding la.. the rain was realli a turnoff.. ok i shall let the pictures to the talking!

group picture with mrs goh..

at class bench.. :)

siying and i! there's nothing wrong with my camera, just that lj and jiaho's phototaking skills are BAD.. hahaha... :P

group picture at killiney's.. with alex this time.. :)


a conspiracy in the making...

rare appearance from EUGENE!! you must come more often before you leave for imperial.. :)

last but not least, we haf alex to end off our wonderful outing! he's the most sporting guy when we take pictures! never fails to strike a pose! haha.. :P

that's all folks.. realli looking forward to our next outing... CNY back in hc k?! shud we go back in our school uniforms? :P

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

japan~ walking in the ankle-deep snow..
The very beautiful mount fuji when the rain finally stopped and the sky cleared.

i've a web album of the photos i took in japan, take a look..japan is a pretty place.. http://picasaweb.google.com/siyingoO


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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Raving Rabbids (The Complete Collection)

What happens when you get totally lovable fugly rabbids :)

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