Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wah lau, since nobody wants to post, let me put a pic of her first.. lol.. anybody wants more PM me. i've got more. yeah baby..

ok, i'm getting a bit sick seriously.. infatuated.. argh.. what to do, in NS so no life.. anybody got some recommendation for relaxation?

anyway, i'm conducting an out camp run again on the 4th of august friday in the early morning at East Coast Park. bah.. remember the last one i was supposed to conduct at pasir ris park? it was cancelled 2 days before the proposed date. haha.. sian. so now i gotta do this and start from scratch with the procedures all over again.

well, i just went down to East coast today with my friend. We rented a tandem bike (is it called a tandem bike? the couple, 2 seater one). Yes yes, it was freakin' gay. imagine 2 guys 'riding' on a bike. wow. didn't help that i was in a skimpy PT attire and he, well.. in army uniform.

spell kinky.



So we rode around the place for 2 hours. from carpark F2 to B1, then back again to F2, 6km each to and fro. then from f2 to f3 and back to f2, 2km each. then back to the bicycle rental shop. another 2km. so total 18km +. lol, are we good or what.

it was, memorable, just the 2 of us.. adrenaline pumping, perspiration glistening under the evening sun.. school girls staring.. pretty babes bladin'.. oh well..

Don't get me wrong. We were hot and sticky.. oops, i mean, you get the picture.

yeah, back to the topic. So next friday i'm conducting in the morning. whos' free in the afternoon? haha.. lets go 'dry swimming' in my mahjong room. Real swimming also can, in a public swimming pool anybody (friends of the girls?) haven't swam for a long time. haha..

maybe Dick can swim with me. There'll be enough water to mask the sweat and heat that we will be.. erm.. effervescing?

Get ready your trunks dick, you hunky waterpolo-er..


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

woah, finally managed to post something on the blog.

kept on going to to sign in, but there wasn't any sign in button! then luckily hh gave me another website to sign in. haha..

anyway.. can i post pics of liu yi fei here? she damn chio!! lol!

guess who i am.

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judo nationals!

hey! i'm back with my review of the judo nationals this year. coincidentally, this year's match was on the same day as the track&field finals. when i glanced out of my kitchen window, looking over choa chu kang stadium, i noticed the missing '称霸' banner HCI always hang. and when i walked into yio chu kang indoor stadium later in the afternoon, the gigantic blood red banners were staring at me. haa.. so cheena with the yellow flags all over the indoor stadium and the huge '称霸' banner at the back.
anyway, winning for the boys team seems to be as easy as 'abc' (quoted from someone), because they really got all 3 cups this year. their performance was spectacular. there's this little sec 3 boy playing the deciding bout for the 'b' boys. no one seemed to have much faith in him coz his ri opponent was really tall and big. but at barely half into the 3 minute bout, he executed a brilliant low tai-otoshi and that made him the hero of the day. haa.. when he walked out, i was sososoo tempted to go give him a hug or something. haa.. but then again, i don't know him and i don't wish to scare him into thinking that seniors are alil cuckoo. haaa.. 'c' boys and 'b' boys were triumphant against ri, 'a' boys won cjc to get the cups this year.
for the girls, i must say they did pretty badly. the 'c' girls (i'm referring to nygh, coz i think they're one big family already with hci lar) lost in the prelims and only got 3rd. hougang sec won the champion. the 'b' girls lost to rgs and won 2nd. the hc 'a' girls lost to rjc this year. i didn't see it myself, but i heard that when my coach was giving the girls their debriefing, tears welled up in his eyes. sigh.. bad year this year. but i'm sure hc will do well again next year. =]
ey, i think track&field also won all 3 cups for the boys. not so sure..
so do you guys feel like ure proud to be from hc? haa.. i sure am. =]

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey everyone!! Finally its video time!! Haha..


Ben eating crabs

Ben's TRIPLE strike


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hihi everyone :)

ehh well, just tagging in to say tt its wonderful to see everyone again after so long! hehe..k lah, it was pretty fun dunking crabs and prawns and making fun of hh, not to forget the hilarious bowling sessions which saw 3 of us (dick, lj n' me) swapping shoes quite frantically after each bracket! too bad most of you left halfway..cause it became quite intense after the 6th bracket when ben suddenly had a turn in form to score 5 strikes and end with 100+ points...after guttering 3 of his first brackets. Ouch..can't say i'm too lucky, all my hooks ended up overhooking into the gutter (guess some videos taken can speak louder than words). Nonetheless, its quite cool to hear frm tianhan leh. Good luck for him and his phone bills though..49minutes of talktime from US to S'pore isn't anything to be scoffed at! Hehe..thanks for organising anyways, perhaps the next one can be in September..eheh, eheh. Hahaa anyways luckily chiewyi got her picanto around, else ben and i would hav been stranded @ marina with no bus and no train home! Nifty decorations with the piggy steering wheel, i must add :p oh well, until next time then, perhaps if there's a MJ session do give me a call, I needa win more cash..$$$ the way..constance ur birthday is when harrh?! *ponder*

*ord loh!!*

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Heyz ppl..

class outing yesterday was so fun.. haha.. a big THANK U to all those who made an effort to come.. was so glad to see u guys again! And not to forget, our ct rep for being there spiritually.. the last outing we communicated w him thru web cam and yesterday was thru a looong overseas call which every1 took turns to chat w him.. thank u for always being present for all the outings we have=)

ok here are some photos taken yesterday.. o ya actually there's a video of ben but i dunno how to post it here, anyway it depicts the way he feasted on the crab.. he was actually sucking the crab meat from the shell with the help of a chopstick poking from the opposite end.. haha.. wat a weird way to eat..(think lj took a video of him too in chewy's cam, so shall leave e job of posting it to chewy..haha) o but muz mention that he was nice enough to peel all the prawns.. 2 boxes of prawns.. xin ku ni le =)

ok let the pics do the talking..

The guys with the bday gal

The gals with the bday gal.. in case u are wondering how come the photo looks so dark.. it is cos our ingenious photographer was covering the flash. . ok this is his first attempt.. there are more ahead..

ok second attempt.. haha.. it looks perfect right? but something is missing.. the cake is missing.. lol..

the third attempt.. the successful attempt.. congrats congrats.. haha

the final photo.. the grp photo ^_^

o muz say that I am really really really surprised by the results of the bowling game by GOJH(gay=ben, officer=lj, jiaho, huihong aka "gay ow jia ho".. by the way, the name was coincidentally given).. haha..

yeah hope to see the rest of u soon.. meanwhile take care pplz.. for those who r overseas, muz take gd care of yourselves n hope u ppl r enjoying yourselves too.. we will be missing u all =)


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jUs caMe baC fR e ClAssOuTIn!!! enJoyed mYseLF!! sO hAppY tO sEe u GuYS aGain!!!
tHanKs alotalot for those who came, esp DILYS n CONS for organisin.. u gals definitely did a better job than me!! haha... n for those who remembered my bday... THankS a mIllOn!! ")

e CT rep called.. so touched!! but i couldnt really hear him much.. lol
e OuTIng was juicy w juices sPillin all ov me thru out e nite.. (thanks to e DICK)..
e crab was fun.. cos i washed them.. quite funny..
e cake was PRETTY!! thanks againagain..
e bowlin game was WEIRD.. stupid dick who scored ZEROs for e first few n started STRICKin.. n ended up w 5 STRIKES in total w TURKEY for e last 3 try.. WEIRDZ!!
n fr last, he came first!! haha.. lj came in second.. i'm third..
n OW JIA HO e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .. came in LAST.. haha..
LASTLY, e drive bac was 'FUN' .. haha.. got abit lost here n there..
BUT.. got bac home safely soon after.. credits to CHEWY!!!
n a little to lj who HELPED to find e way... haha..

had a lot o fun.. for those who missed it, hopefully u guys make it e nxt time..
SCHOOL will b startin soon for w girls.. n ORD soon for e guys (i think)..
hopefully haf another clas outin soon again.. will b fun!!! haha.. eh, sentosa e nxt time??
haha.. MAF comin soon too.. hopin to go bac this time since i missed last year's..
hee.. tt's all.. hopefully u guys upload e pics soon!! hee..

until e nxt meetin w u guys.. TAKE GOOD CARE.. keep bloggin.. n think o me.. ")

sIgninG oFF.. hOnGz

P.s.: for those who wanna sing.. pls contact me.. i'm available most o e time... ")

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good good, got class outing is good, I'll always be there in spirit! Haha

Anyway, I got my license! WAHAHAH. budden very drama, which i dun like. My education in driving has been very drama. Just before my road test, I was practising on road and got into an accident. Guess, what, I got my first speeding ticket and my first accident before getting my license! Erm, anyone who read this pls dun tell my parents.

I had a low low low low speed collision with a suv which was trying to parrallel park that resulted in quite some scratches on the other car. Damn, it was scary cause the person called the police........SIGH....POLICE AGAIN. Budden, I did some talking after the person calmed down and promised to settle it without a formal police report (if there is one, i can forget abt ever getting a license). And we left before the police arrived. LOL! Anyway, after that, I went and took my test, and yes, passed, piece of cake considering how much *experience* I had.

Alright, now i shall look for a dumbass car. Haha, unlike LJ who will be driving erm, SLK, or CLK, or BMW650i or Audi TT, I am gonna settle for a second hand honda. MUAHAH, oh yeah, it will be my first car!!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


ahaa! i must let u guys know that the hc a boys and girls judo team have made it into the finals of the nationals this year! woohoo~ the girls had not much of an obstacle against nyjc this afternoon and won hands down 5-o. i am so proud of my juniors. =] they did really well.. their finals will be against rjc.
the guys match was the exciting one. because rjc lost their match against cjc during the prelimary rounds last year, they ended up having to meet hc in the prelims this year. and today felt just like the finals with the raffles and hwachong people screaming their guts out next to each other in the small hougang sec hall.
the match started off with our start player against their extra light weight player. things looked bad right from the start, our player failed to attack properly and got himself penalty scores and got thrown a couple of times through the bout. and with the last 3 seconds left, he did not even have any hopes of redeeming himself because his opponent just crouched down like a rock to while the time away. this got him frustrated and he slapped the guy on the back. lousy attitude and horrible sportsmanship got him disqualified. and that is equivalent to being redcarded in a soccer match. now, he can't even play in the finals next week. and we're short of players some more..tsktsk.. young man.
then the second match was against their star player. the most unexpected thing happened when our player thrown a B-E-A-U-tiful throw. IPPON! it just left the opponents flabbergasted. the dark horse made the score even. the third match saw the hc side down with despair again.. the fourth player put up a strong fight to bring our scores even. and the fifth deciding match practically left both sides in a nerve wrecking state. its now all or nothing. the winner takes all and the loser of the bout takes home a third, which is to them nothing. and our fifth player gave us a reason to scream in ecstasy. we won! it felt like we had already won the championship. haa.. we screamed and cheered. it feels good to be hc judoka. =]
alright, just wanted to update u guys on what's happening. haa.. hope my commentary has been interesting. heh..

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Heyz ppl..

Reminder: We are having a class outing this coming thurs (13/7) at marina bay.. will be having steamboat buffet at ZhengFa. We will be meeting at 6pm at marina control. Yup so see u all there! =)
PS: tianhan, u r always welcome to join us! =p


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Sunday, July 02, 2006

yoz everyboDY!!!! i'm back in action!!! haha.. sorry for the lack of posts... :P tmr's 3rd july, 73 day remember? haha.. and hh organised a class steamboat.. ooohhh..

anw, kristy, sisi, siying and i met up to bake! haha... we thot we would share some pictures :)

siying chopping onions.. hahaha.. she didn't realli cry la.. but her hand did smell like onions for the rest of the day.. :P

sisi pouring flour into the weighing scale.. :) more chocolate chips more chocolat chips! haha.. :P

me, proud of my product!! ahhaa.. but i broke siying's spatula!!! sorry!!! hahaha... ;

cookies! fresh from the oven! haha.. they were very very good! chocolate chip nestum cookies.. yummies! :)

sying scooping the fillings for the shepherd's pie into the aluminium tray..

baked mushrooms and onions.. haha.. they were left overs from the pie, and we didn't wanna waste so we just baked them with butter.. ahha.. :p

and of course, a group picture of us! didn't see kristy in action? coz she onli came in time to eat.. hahaha.. :P looking forward to tmr's class outing!!! :)

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