Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hey guys.. Finally blogged here.. In my grandma's house now, gonnna have lunch soon. So many things have happened in such a short span of time. Suddenly everyone has their own lives, and everybody has their own things to do. Th has left, the girls are in Uni, the guys are in NS.. How time flies.. Haha..The good old days are finally gone.. By the way, when is mid-autumn festival? It would be so cool to go back to school and go for supper. This time, qz can drive us to bukit timah market in his dad's lexus. haha..

A bit on myself now, I'm currently in third term of OCS, combat engineers. I was fortunate enough to pass the selection test for Chemical Defence, and hence i'm in 39th SCE on course in Seletar Camp. Life there is like heaven, good food, good lodging, and lectures most of the day.

Ok, gotta go.. btw, Siying, your bunk, or should i say, hostel room, is much better then my room in OCS! haha..

Tian Han, all the best to you! Hope u adapt well to the environment there! Keep your Asian values ok! don't party too much and do funny things, if u know what i mean.. :p

Hope to see you guys soon!

Sincerely, LJ

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

hahah! hello everybody!
I must haolian my hostel!!! it looks nice but i got a triple room..........sad....
my room super small..haha

Image hosted by

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

hey, seems like only a couple of us visit this blog. anyway, decided to put some photos of my hall here. haa.. (this feels like my own blog.haaa..)
This is the view from the corridor, outside my room. looks pretty good eh?

And this is what u really get. A pok room, with a pok bed. And if u're suay, u get a really dirty room that u have to clean up by urself. Believe me when I say dirty. haa.. Huihong n Meiting, u guys at hall 14 right? Newer hall should be pretty good. haa.. =)


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Thursday, July 21, 2005

hey peeps!

how are all of you? actually i seriously wonder how many pple actually visits our class blog.... :D

how's life? uni's starting liao.. i juz signed up for science orientation week.. hmmm.. i'm not exactly looking forward to uni life.. i'm not staying in hall coz it's expensive.. i dunno how to bid for my modules.. there are a thousand and one forms to fill in for matriculation.. i'm not sure wat kind of pple i'm gonna meet.. haiiz.. maybe i'm juz pessimistic.. but everything seems to be in a huge mess.. my life's in a huge mess i guess..

i juz wanted to leave a note to make sure that there's at least some interaction in our blog.. anyone has anything interesting to do in uni? tell me k?

ohh.. one more thing.. who wants to play mahjong?? my fingers very itchy.. :D

update pple.. take carez..

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hey! School's finally going to start soon (for the girls lar)! Less than a week for those going NTU, slightly more than a week for those going NUS and more than a month for those going SMU. I'll be staying hall and I went to collect my hall keys and clean up the room today. Oh man, I tell u guys when pple say NTU hall looks good. Never believe them. It's only the outside appearance. My room is pok like dunoe wat! Damn dirty, only looked more habitable after more than an hour of cleaning up. Haa..maybe will put up photos of my room when I'm more settled in. You guys post some stuff about school and hall (for those staying). This blog is going to dry up, shrivel and die off or something.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

yoyo... today is our class BDAY!!!! haha...
i remembered ok!?? haha.. i even set reminder in my phone!!! :)
oh well, 40 minutes before this day pass. hm.. maybe shld hav asked e class out or smth rite!?

anyway, tokin to jay on msn.. we're discussin abt goin K soonz maybe nxt week or nxt nxt week?? yupz.. anyone who wans to join.. sms me okok!??? hee...

hm.. for those goin ntu, sch is startin SOONZ!!! 25july rite?? abit sianz.. cos i'm still workin!!!
haiz.. when will nus sem. start ah!?? n.. who r e ones goin NTU?? :) i feel abit lonely there lez.. ]
:'( SObz!


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eh YOOO!

waaaaassssssssssssssssssssuuup dude and dudesses.

hoW caN YoU PEoPLE KeeP THIs BloG sO QUIET!?!! WAh...u all ah, dunno hooooooooow much, blood, sweat, tears and dunno what I put in to make this blog lor...I even go edit the picture appreciation. yOOOUUUUU people, always say got read blog but dun wan post or tag....

i sAY this AH: what nonsense, come visit blog must post and tag mah! dun Post or tAg How to keep the blog alive? how to tell updaTE our friends? You know hor...must post more and tag mOre!!!!!!

thosE who never come visit..hai...MUST DRAG THEM COME AH!

Cheers, peace out!

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did any of you pple realise? it's 73 day today!!!!!!

heehee.. it's 3rd of july, so it's 73 day today lor.. :D did we celebrate 73 day in school last year? i think we did rite? :D

how's everyone doing?? our class blog very quiet leh.. it's always us, the few pple posting on this blog... it's a CLASS blog, and it'll onli be meaningful if everyone tries to write something.. so, please k? write something.. i dun want our blog to die off after some time.. :D

love ya peeps! take carez.. happy 73 day!

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

since the blog just kinda died down after awhile and i have nothing better to do at the yup..haa..i was just wondering whether any of you guys want to go to the zoo most of you guys havent stepped into the zoo for like a couple of years since you were in primary school and stuff right?there's some new addition to the whole place, it looks pretty tribal now.pretty cool..and there's a new ben&jerry ice cream shop there too!the only branch in singapore!haa..anyone game? =)

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