Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Now guys, we have seriously gotta start planning early in prep for MAF. This once in a year thingy is not only good for maintaining ties and establishing connections, it also serves as a pickup point for hot chicks (ie girls in their uni. matriculation year.. Don't you find that the girls get prettier after graduating from HC?? Maybe its all makeup and all, but i seriously doubt that i will mind that..) Now, to ace that chick at the far end of the, say, left wing of the block, we gotta bring binoculars to spy on her, flowers and chocolates to give her...

ok, guys, lets stop fantasizing. JIAHO! snap out of it!

to make things work, we have to make things happen. everyone of us has to do our part. Just like tackling the pretty girl at the opposite end of the building, we have to have a game plan for us to go out as a class beforehand.

Some considerations..

Firstly, Chewy, can we confirm that its on the 7th October Sat? It would probably start at 6.30pm, with the performances and all that. Meaning if we were to have dinner, we would have to meet at about 5.30pm? I do hope we can go out beforehand, but for those who are not able to, preferably we have it somewhere near to accomodate latecomers.

Secondly, if we go out beforehand, where should we go? Movie, pool, board games, singing, cycling, canoeing, beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing (oops, not so few clothes on, yeah?) hmm..

that Said.. can we have some recommendations for the activity of the day?

For those who share the idea of going out before MAF, pls block off that day on your personal calenders (ie, shove your bf's and gf's aside..)

Do keep in mind that, even if the response is poor, as a last resort, we can always come down to my house for a hearty round of mahjong and korean serials (I just finished Fullhouse. nice!!) in the afternoon.

Cheers, to our friendship, gay-ship, and childishness..

... and to all who haven't passed their driving test. hey hey.. ;p

Making up one-half of the gay bloggers of this class blog,
Liang Jun, signing off..

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"..go downstairs watch video"





YEAH. to think i very nearly flunked straight away at the circuit...screwed my vert+ parallel parking n' slope! Meheheh...ok who wants to borrow a chauffeur for MAF?

on second thoughts..who's going in the first place!?

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!

Haha.. this must be pissing of those who haven't, but..

I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!! _ _
I PASSED!! Yey!! = = = =
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!! -_ = _-
I PASSED!! Yey!! -_ _-
I PASSED!! Yey!! - - - - --
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!

Haha.. got 14 points.. not very good though, but...

haha.. ok, i'll stop that :D

Anyway, I think my instructor was very good to me. After I screwed up my circuit (I got 4 points each for not checking blind spot during 3 point directional change and vertical parking),
we went out to the route. Coincidentally, I was chosen for the same route I failed during my first attempt (route 5). So i was gleefully thinking, I won't mess up the same route the 2nd time round.. or else Jaymie and all those reading this blog would laugh at me when I post my failures here thereafter..

So as i was saying, after screwing up my circuit, I went on to the route. Surprisingly, he only let me drive to the main road, did 1 U-turn, and then we headed straight back to home base!

I was like, wth, that was only a quarter of the total distance of route 5. Certainly if I were to complete the whole route, I would have had a teeney, weeny, itsy, bitsy chance of failing.. (haha.. my ego's getting the better of me.. :) )

So, I passed! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!
I PASSED!! Yey!!

Today, I dropped my brother off at school, then I drove to camp. It was, i must admit, quite scary driving at high speeds on the expressways.. haha..

and.. I got my first honking from a fellow driver on the expressway.. lol.. He was on the lane to my right, and I naturally was on his left. haha. So I tried to cut into his lane as I wanted to go faster. I overtook him from his left, and cut into his lane. lol.. quite scary.. (I shouldn't be so boastful of this, should I?? well for entertainment purposes, I guess I have no choice.. haha..)

So there. A lesson for those who haven't PASSED (yey!! :p) and for new drivers.


Consequences can be fatal, and worse still... You could be horned at.


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Friday, September 01, 2006


mrs anna goh is leaving hc in december i think, not too sure about it. yar and she left her email address: and her msn add her and email her!
ar..i really miss jc life when school work was so much more managable.haa..


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