Saturday, October 28, 2006

Was clearing out the old comm yesterday when I found this gem hidden amongst the junk. Can't say I'm proud of the flash I made, but I guess I'm proud that we've done this before..

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Hi everyone!
So happy... first to read your blog and then to post.
I will post some photos when I return to school on Monday cos my photos are all in the school's laptop (and it is Sat now).

Reading the blog (not all of it, just some excerpts) brings back many happy memories indeed! Although I didn't spend all the 2 years with you (had some maternity leave and then pregnancy leave thrown in!), I think you're the closest class to me.

All in all, I have been teaching in hc 5 years and my first CT was 01S7C which I took only halfway (for less than one year) because their previous CT was a mother tongue teacher or something and couldn't write testimonials. The next CT was you guys and then I went another full cycle of JC 1-JC2 and for the 05 batch, I have no CT, so yup!! that's why... And of course you guys went through so much with me, both your milestones and my own milestones. You saw through both of my kids' pregnancies! :-)

Things are very different in school now, a lot has changed, both students, teachers, physical school environment and so on. I think you'd have noticed during MAF? or maybe it was too short a time then or too dark, haha.

Even for myself, the way I teach and the way I interact with students has changed too, with every batch! I will be sad to leave end of this year for sure... though long time ago when my hubby first announced his intention to pursue further studies in the USA, I was secretly happy to stop working and follow him. haha, but now I am feeling the reluctance, the nostalgia, the sadness of leaving.

Not that I don't look forward to the new experience! I will be glad to have a change, to have more time for my kids etc... Although I will be super busy with housework and 24/7 care of my kids, but I am sure I will be happy to explore the mountains, the national parks there... the wildlife/ flora/ fauna would be different from here and I will soak up everything new there. There are no beaches though, Salt Lake city is in Utah (northwest or somewhat central USA) where it is mountainous only. So I will miss the sea! And cheap seafood!

Aiyah better not launch into everything I will miss. Cos the next in line will be food and aiyoh, there will be so much I will dearly miss!

ok, will post some photos of my family and some recent photos of teachers in hc soon...

see ya
mrs goh

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Saturday, October 21, 2006


firstly, thank you for all who turned up for the prata supper last night! not bad lar, considering 9 people turned up in almost the middle of the night just to eat prata and grow a good, round tummy. haa.. as usual, our class people are never on time! tsk.. haa.. next time must say an earlier timing so everyone will appear at the correct time. and kudos to jiaho for getting qingzhao out! haa.. jiaho is really proud of his determination and persuation skills. haa..

i must say i never saw the roti prata house so packed with customers before. we had to pounce onto a table right after its previous occupants just stood up la! pulling chairs and tables from elsewhere. haa.. and the waiters were never so busy before. we had to write our own orders (sorry lj for ordering ur coffee chino hot instead of iced!) and we had to wait for everything -- wait to order, wait for our orders, chiew's mutton murtabak took aaaaaaaaaages lar! (but she n robin polished it off real fast. haa..) probably they had to slaughter a goat behind to get the mutton. hm.. and jaymie was looking at every plate of mee goreng they served out, waiting for hers to come around. haa.. and i must say it tastes good! we also had to wait for the bill to come. somehow they just charge u with a jumble of numbers added together, i never figured out what costs what and if we were ever cheated. haa.. thanks to benedict and his accounting talent, he sorted out how much each of us were supposed to pay. but till now, i still dont know why u gave me back change. haa..

hopefully u guys liked the food there and benjamin was right, just eat and never look at how they cook their food. u won't really feel like eating anymore when u see the amount of oil they cook their prata in and the red plastic bags they take ingredients out of. haa.. and jiaho, since ure already out for supper just forget about the oil and fats ure consuming. haa.. and ure not fat lar!

the supper ended with lj, benedict, benjamin and jaymie going off to jaymie's place to watch dvds i think. i was super inclined to just sit in lj's car and nua for the whole night instead. haa.. it is super cool lar! lj, its no wonder ur parents are not willing to let u drive out the car alone lar! benedict sure had a fun time shifting his seat down all the way, leaving me no space at the back seat and wearing lj dad's sunglasses and posing for the camera (jaymie will update u guys on the photos!) he even walked me out in the dark with them on. how to see????

thank u guys for coming out and next time, the gathering will be organised at an earlier time so more people will turn up. till next time!


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Thursday, October 19, 2006

hello people!

the prata supper is officially at 10.30pm tomorrow (20/10/06, Friday) at the Roti Prata House at 246M Upper Thomson Road. It is 24 hours so we can stay there for as long as we want, so long as we dont get chased away by the people there lar.haa..

i found two websites with maps to the place, i can't view the map from this link but maybe u guys can give it a try:

and here's another link i found, with recommendations of wat to eat there, so u guys may want to check them out before heading over tomorrow. and i've uploaded the accompanying map below.

ok, for drivers u can check out this website
and type in ur starting address to get the directions there. the only way i know of how to get there is from my place lar, passing through SLE, exiting at exit 5 Upper Thomson there. I'm pretty sure u can go by PIE too, exiting at Lornie Road then all the way up to Upper Thomson. You'll see the Thomson Road Post Office, then can turn in from there and find place to park. Since it's terrace estates there, free parking lar. be careful of where u park, don't park opposite continuous white line blah blah.

By bus hor, I only know 855, either take from Yishun Interchange down to Upper Thomson. You'll have to pass by Khatib, Pierce Secondary School, Thomson Plaza (on the opposite side of the road) then alight at the stop after Thomson Plaza. or from the busstop along Adam Road and Lornie Road at Bukit Timah area, passing by McRitchie Reservoir, up to Upper Thomson Road. I think u'll pass by Thomson CC, alight the stop after that and cross over. Other buses available there are 132, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 410, 855, 980. yep, not sure where the buses come from or go to lar..

ok! this is the best directions i can give coz i am really really bad with my directions. haa..ok! hope to see you guys there! 1030pm k? give me a call if u guys lost ur way or something ya? and if alot of u want hor, i can meet u guys at like 10pm yio chu kang mrt station then we go down together ya? if u want the lift hor, sms me and let me know. yea!

sp far, confirmed people are me, liangjun, jaymie and bf, jiaho, benedict, chiewyi, beelian. ey, constance not so sure and a couple of others who havent told me whether they are or not lar..ey,i think this should be the list of pple appearing. come people come, the more the merrier!

so exciting! first time i'm organising a gathering! and thanks to liangjun for helping me out. haa..

cheers to a fine, round tummy!

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Friday, October 13, 2006


surprised to see me post?? haha..i'm oso very very surprised by my actions. if i'm not wrong, i suppose this would be my very FIRST post on our class blog ever since it started.. haha.. seems quite late eh.. but all along, quite lazy juz to go visit the blog.. even WTH was scolding me the other time on msn cuz i was soooooooo "dead" on our class blog. *dun kill me for that plsssss :)*

hey!! who posted the videos on the blog?? why nvr ask my permission before posting the one where i'm sucking on the crab?!?!! that's very rude man!! no manners!!!!!! wah, portray me like some "hungry ghost"!! i'm gonna sue u for copyright, whoever u r... haha..

it's 6 days after MAF now.. cool!! during JC, nvr could understand why MAF was such a significant event in the Hwa Chong calendar. dunno why the seniors keep coming back n taking up so much space at the CT bench.. haha.. but really great to see all of you back again!! *hmm..come to think of it, only 8 of you*

haiz...but 1 thing i dun like when i went back to my alma mater. that is.......i feel soooooooo OLD!! see all the small little teenagers running about... worse was when we started dancing mass dance. normally during jc, can dance thru the nite...but now, dance a little while, i'm so dead beat!! like wad u see in the photos lah...*me sitting on the class bench after dancing* haha.. but nvm, i still love to dance the mass dance!! even though, i keep dancing the female part. hey!! it's not that i've got a problem wif my sexuality ok!! juz that there r sooooooo few guys. only me, ow, alice n lj. dunno where the rest gone to.. haha.. hey guys, must come out for next gathering hor!! if not, always the same few ppl..

din see mrs anna goh or mdm chen *guai lan* at MAF.. mrs goh said her children not feeling well i think.. mdm chen told me the next day her baby kicking her in the tummy that's why left eary.. seems like the baby dun like the 150psi haze too!! :)

oh yah!! some of u may have known, i'm currently doing my own business wif Amway. the things that we sell range from beauty products (Artistry), to food supplements (Nutrilite), to household cleaners, to personal care products (eg. Satinique) and even for ur mums, cookware!! all of them are really really very good n u can find more information abt wad we have on the web at or any search engines.

Best thing is that there is a Satisfaction Guarantee for all our products. so if u dun like the smell, the taste, the effects, or the design of the bottle, etc..., u can always return for FULL REFUND!! good eh?? so if u or ur family need anything to bathe yourselves with, anything to treat certain health problems or basically ANYTHING u need, gimme a call ok?? dun worry abt the prices...cuz they're soooooo value-for-$$$ n definitely much much more affordable than NTUC or anywhere else. better still is, u can be assured the best service from ur old fren! *that's if u guys ever considered me a fren lah* haha..

ok lah, enough of advertisement for myself. haha.. seems like clearing leave is such a wonderful experience! so free everyday at home... envy me anot? but can't really guarantee when my next posting on the blog will be. haha..

hope to see more of u n not juz the same OLD faces the next time round!!

bye bye!!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the roti prata house along upper thomson road sells the best crispy prata! think of biting into a whole mouthful of crispy prata dipped in their thick curry, doesn't that just make you want to just start your diet on another day instead? they have lots of different flavours -- cheese, mushroom cheese, tissue, murtabak, blahblah..and they sell wicked curry chicken and other curry meaty stuff.

it's pretty accessible lar, can take a bus from yishun 855 down all the way along upper thomson, and i think they are other buses to that area too (167, 165, 163). one from hougang and bukit merah there if i'm not wrong. they're pretty near acutally.. drivers can just cruise down SLE and exit at upper thomson exit and make your way there too. lots of parking space there coz its terrace houses area, but please be careful to park opposite dashed white lines, not solid ones! i dio a $70 fine from that lar! and no second chance given even if you write in to the traffic police and plead for leniency using a first-time driver as an excuse. doesn't work. haa..

yup.. prata, anyone?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The following has been made by a severely bored pre-ORD personnel.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Okies my turn to post fotos! Sorry for being so slow haha.. Finally finished my CAs today! =)

Stupid ben disturbing us.. haha..

All the st nicks girls from our class went for MAF!

n the guys..

Huihong n meiting! :)

chewy! =)

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

finally!!!! finally i finised uploading all the pictures!!! it took me 2 hrs.. hahaa.. :p but i'm sure it's worth the time and effort.. :) anw, jh already gave us a good breakdown of wat happened during maf, so i'll just fill you guys in with pictures! warning.. there are ALOT of pictures! :)

our first group picture.. without ben.. he went to drink water.. haha.. alex giving us his signature cool-smirk.. :P

2nd group picture, when ben came back.. haha.. the smeeeelllllyyyy guys wanted to slot themselves amongst the girls... :P and alex decided to smile.. he looks better when he smiles rite?!

by this time, lj has decided to take charge over my digicam and started snapping away.. haha.. he took many random shots (of unknown girls too, which i haf deleted of course.. :P) this is jh and i.. check out his skin tone.. heehee..

alex and chewy.. alex warming up to the camera.. :P

ben.. looking wasted here.. he must be too tired from doing mass dance (with the other guys) :P

lj and jh... errr.. trying to act cool?! :P

hh.. as cute as ever!

hh and lj.. aiyoh i never knew hh's tongue is so long! loL!

the girls! before siying arrived.. :)

lj and his section mate.. dunno wat his name is, but he's from hc too.. :)

us acting stoopid at the bench.. err.. not exactly our bench la.. the bench beside ours.. not 68's.. some S3 class rite? dunno la! haha.. anw, ya the class bench was too crowded, so we invaded other pple's territory.. lj's photography skills are quite bad lehhh... :)

much better! with ben acting cute.. :P

when siying arrived! haha.. it was realli dark and lj snapped a shot of her.. my cam's flash is so blinding siying had to siam.. :P

at KAP! haha.. our first attempt with the timer shot.. let's see.. err.. jiaho got cut out..

2nd attempt.. now lj got cut out..

3rd attempt! and the funniest of them all.. haha.. look at lj! he has a straw stuck up his nose! :P

4th attempt, this time alex got cut out..

5th attempt! finally a perfect shot! we had so much fun taking.. look at the brilliant smiles on our faces.. haha.. but it was really funny.. :P

after much persuation, the guys agreed to act cute with 1,2,3,4! (i.e. lj-1, alex-2, jh-3, ben-4) :P

still acting cute with 1,2,3,4, but in the oppsite direction this time round. :)

girls with 5,6,7,8.. (i.e. hh-5, chewy-6, me-7, sying-8) posing was effortless for us.. ahha.. we girls are just good at it.. :P

lj suggested we act cool and dao.. obviously i win la! hahaha.. :P 2nd is chewy, 3rd is sying and 4th is hh.. haha.. hh still looks cute despite trying to look dao.. :P

erps.. some gay action coming up btn ben and jh... :P

and now it's jh and alex.. i can't decide if jh's enjoying himself.. haha.. :P

and last but not least, we haf ALEX to close our photo-whoring session! hahaa..

i haven't had so much fun in a LONG LONG LONG LONG time!!! haha.. i guess we haven't changed much.. ben's still ben.. when we sat down at KAP, he said "oh i got coupons!" and he took out his macs discount coupons.. haha!! many would probably agree with me that it's harder and harder to find friends in uni.. so PPLE! we must meet up more la! keep the class blog alive, that's the least we can do.. :) i had a great time pplE! hope you all did too.. :) (depite the stoopid 150PSI haze)

ok.. now i hope i can successfully upload this entry.. if not i'll crY!!!

oh btw, i've uploaded the pictures to yousendit and emailed to you guys.. it'll expire in 7 days, so please go download before that.. alternatively, you can download the pics one by one from this entry.. :) cheers!

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Phew..MAF's over. Now its back to mugging for the girls, and job-hunting for us! Anyways although attendance was dismal *maximum i could count at a time was 8!*, this year's MAF really didn't seem so bad!

Okay okay. Chronologically going, "we" met up earlier at 1730hrs for pool before going on to dinner. "We" as in LJ, Alex, and me, with Chewy and Dick joining us for dinner. With half the class attendance in tow, we packed off into Chewy's little orange Picanto and rode over to HC, only to realize our favourite field beside the amphitheatre *you know, the one beside EP3 Block/the one leading to Chinese High?* has been transformed into a uber-cool block of..i don't know. Apparently we forgot to check it out before we evacuated the premises.

Upon reaching school we realized that there weren't much people after all..the first sight of the area below auditorium showed a scene full of councillors, and of nobody else. Proceeded over to our classbench to find the 04 and 05 and 06 juniors all lounging around with Huihong slumped in one corner in total boredom *check out the golden hair!*, but we were just too old and none of them juniors could recognize us. /cry /slitwrist.

Well..later on the biggest part of the event we were hunting the school for Mrs. Goh n' Mdm Chen..but we couldn't manage to find both of them. Bleah. Met up with random friends, guys asked about which camp, when ORD, girls asked about studies, quizzes and tests. The aimless roaming ended when the song session started and everyone started belting out the songs in baritone.*shiver* Dick's bag of goods just got kicked upside down everytime there was a crazyjumpingsong by Constance! *meheheh good one ;)*

After 1,2, maybe even 3 years of inactivity from the mass-dance event, we decided to give it a go this year, often ending up like penguins with 2 left feet in a sea of other similar penguins. Compounded by the horrible haze after we burnt the lightup thingy and loads of happyfireworksticks, it became quite a sweaty affair >.< As usual, with the overload of guys v girls, Dick and me ended up dancing as girls with the girls *don't ask.* I knew all 4 of us guys should have taken some positive action that night rather than just BMM..

Nonetheless after dance session we met up with Jay and Siying, who drove her car over too *dudes, we gotta get our cars!*. Split up into 2 groups and zhao over to KAP to avoid the haze. LJ did a marvellous job of chasing a lone KAP mugger away from a 6-men seat, combining sheer grit, determination and vocabularial flair to culminate in obtaining the seat for the 8 of us. After grabbing our ice-creams and such, we pretty much took tons of pictures of various poses *some of which were forced upon the unsuspecting male population*, and chatted all the way till 1am, then we split up and headed home.*Thanks for the ride back chewy!*

Hehe, didn't have so much fun for so long already..and now that MAF's gone, there's nothing to look forward to! *maybe ORD..?* Guess we just gotta wait for the pix to be uploaded and observe the varying states of photowhorism exhibited by us during the stupor.

MAF AAR BMM, over and out.

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