Tuesday, January 31, 2006

yo peeps!
the new doggy year is here(for three days already)!!yay!hope u guys had a good time visiting and collecting ang pows..for the NS people hope u guys had a good long well deserved break!u book in and will be booking out in 3 days time!woohoo~for xun and tianhan,hows ur new year?first time spent in a non-chinese country i think..hope u felt the cny atmosphere and love and warmth over at where u guys are..
anyway..want to post a picture of a reallyreallyreally cute boy...think he's sort of my cousin lar..i totally felt like a perverted aunty gushing about him.haaa..
and people,please blog.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

hey peeps.. found this long lost pic of our's! :) we look young! take comfort in that.. :) happie new year pple!!! go ard visiting more.. get more ang baos.. eat more bah kuah and love letters and pineapple tarts and all the other new year goodies!!! 恭喜发财!!! 万事如意!!! 新年快乐!!! Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

here are the long awaited pictures from me! hahaha... my apologies to pple who got cut out of the pics in the collage.. if you want the pic ask me over msn, i'll send it to you.. :)

school started again.. sian SIAN!!! hahaha.. i haf this HUGEEEE inertia to start studying.. someone please gimme a kick from behind.. heh.. :) take care pple!!! *huGZ* Posted by Picasa

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey! I managed to get hold of two pictures from Kristy who got them from Phyllis (thankyou!)..yea,JAYMIE girl!!!upload your photos ASAP!! Anyway, it was fun seeing you guys after sooooo long, I reallyreallyreally missed the JC days..sigh..haa..too bad not alotalot of people turned up for it and some left raaaather early..erhem..(haa)But, 1/3 of the class aint too bad a number actually..(thank goodness the lift didnt freefall on our way down so I guess we'll still have another gathering coming up!yay~) yea..and I so want to travel after hearing from Xun about her trip,and seeing Tianhan's photos..haa..overseas trip anyone?

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Muahaha, hello people! Nice web-camming with you guys, I had a fun time. Anyway, this is the mega-ultra NYC post! Haha, I spend 11 days in the big apple and wow, haha, mind-blowing.

I left on the morning of 23rd from detroit and arrived in NY La Guardia airport with my friends.The flight is so boring. Anyway, we got off and hoped onto a bus to Columbia university where a my friend serene has a friend val lau who has a suite there for us! Haha, there is a huge living room so all of us can sleep there. That's a lot of money saved! So we went to tour the university a bit and haha, saw the place Peter parker walked in Spiderman. Well, Columbia university is small but nice, tucked away in the city. And straight away after that, we went to China town for dim sum! WOOOHOOO, as always, good food is extremely sout after when you eat american food for too long. We then went to the metropolitan mesuem of art for a while but i was too tired and just sat at a bench doing nothing.

And the next day...times square! woohoo, they place is really a "holy shit". The sky scrappers are totally intimidating and the advert boards are huge with all the flashy lights and neon signs and gigantic screens. Everything feels 10x bigger when you are actually there than that you see on tv. It's kinda oppressing, haha, almost like you are forced to loook at those adverts. Anyway, it was fantastic, being in a place so famous, it feels different. There are all kinds of shops and oh yeah, the MTV trl place. haha. we walked ard a bit and yes, i went to toys r us barbie section! LOL! muahaha. And the christmas tree at ROCKFELLA center..and the MOVIE narnia, wah, childish lah, waste money...

Next day is chinatown! Haha, we went for lunch and then walked through some serious rain to find shops for even more food. And since it's christmas, we had a christmas dinner, haha, thanx to the only girl among us, serene and aaron chow, her bf. LOL. it was funny, eating curry chicken with rice and some vegie for christmas, but it was good.

Next day is boxing day shopping! WAh, was so excited, we went to macy's the biggest department store in NY and shopped the whole day away. I did not buy a lot though, things are all on discount but still, not very cheap. So we decided to shop some more and basically walked thru the whole time square and 5th avenue, haha, visited tons of shops includeing the disney one where i got a puzzle. ANd the trump towers, lol, "you are fired".

the 27th is more happening, haha. We decided to go visit the statue of liberty, well, pass by it actually, on a free ferry to staton island. ANd next, wall street and the newyork exchange! wah, it was damn nice lah, the place, one of the main financial centers of the world!

And then it was ground zero at the world trade center site. It was rather sad, the gapping hole that is left is where so many people died. Still remember the live images of the towers collapsing.. well, we spend sometime there soaking in the sadness, but thennn, right next to it is Century 21, the best discounted department store in NY. hooohooo, was shopping straight away again, spend US$250 there, haha.

28th was spend on shopping again, well, at least me and edwin(saf scholar) only, haha. the 2 of us went to shop on the day when we are supposed to rest. Some of us went to princeton to visit friends. BUT me and edwin pushed on and walked one whole round AGAIN! haha. Din buy much though..But we visited madison square garden. When we were on our way back, we took the wrong train and ended up on the outskirts of harlem...oops. Haha, when we exited the station all we see is black people. And i was like "ed, erm, did we get off at the wrong place?" Haha, then we realised..kao, damn scary lah. We did not really dare to take out map to check for directions and thankfully some helpful lady came over and directed us. We then walked VERY quickly out...

29th is the natural history museum! wah, highlight! Well, a museum is a museum, what more can i say? haha, it was nice and meaningful. and then we ate dinner at this OVERRATED jap restraunt. knn, i ordered curry rice and it came without beef and their explanation is that the beef "melted"....kao, i have nothing to say lor, that place SUX!

Soho was on the next day, on the 30th! We woke up for dim sum in china town and went over to soho where, i erm, shopped again! with chaybeng, my other friend, we went on shopping frenzy lah, i spend another US$150..he spend like $200 lol. but i got good deals, i shall make a list of everything i bought later, haha. After that, we have to starve and live of instant noodles........

on new year's eve, we went for a hongkie breakfast and then made our way to times square. and there are already a ton of people there for the countdown. We could have gotten good spaces but it was onli 2pm, 10 more hours of waiting? we decided to settle for a small party at the dorm! we then, haha, walked 10 blocks to find the marriot hotel where we all took a dump, in super nice toilets, hahah! so lame! and then we proceeded to get some liquor and haha, waited for new year!

More ppl came over after the countdown and haha, we had a fun time playing the diewdiewdiew game! hahah, i was damn high lah, and i went drunk and forgot what happened, apparently i did a lot of stupid stuff and puked...er...haha, embarassing...but it was fUN FUN!

erm, because i had such a bad hangover the next day, haha, did nothing but puke and slack. well, others din too much too, haha, what a crazy new year

And the last day we went to central park! but it was raining like shit and we got lost. we spend 2 hours walking around trying to find one of the twins who went to pee. it was getting scary too cause it was getting dark and central park is not safe at night. haha. horrible. Then we went to a mall at columbus circle and finally a nice meal at chevys at times square. After that it's all packing and by the time we got back to Ann Arbor the next day, we are all exhausted...

Okay, another term is starting for me and I have to study to get good results. Haha, next trip, erm, i don't know. I'll learn driving during spring break, so no trip. Well, i am thinking of going on roadtrip ard USA in summer, driving to yellowstone, grand canyon, rockies and wild wild west. Haha, anyone interested!?

oh and i bought
1 keanan duffty t-shirt
1 ck shirt
1 dkny shirt
1 zara men shirt
1 ck sweater
1 claiborne sweater
1 epsirit winter jacket
1 pair of timberland boots
1 quicksilver backpack
1 fendi scarf(gonna give as present)
1 kenneth cole scarf(gonna give as present)
1 banana republic scarf(gonna give as present)
1 sisley handbag(gonna give as present)

MAUAHAHAHAHHA, holy shit, that's 500+ bucks!! ARG, dun tell my parents....

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