Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello all! Just wanna test whether I can post these pictures on the blog.. lol.. These are my commissiong parade photos.. haha.. I think they are long over due..

After parade Commissiong Dinner..

Presidential Motorcade..

This was during the parade form up at 5 or 6 plus I think. Damn lucky. It just rained an hour ago. lol..

These were the religious ppl from the 8 different religious groups who came to bless us. Boy, I haven't heard of half of their religions before!!

This was my contingent marching either before or after the President podium area. Before we passed the president, my contingent cocked up our marching!! half the ppl were swinging their arms in the direct opposite of the other half, even though we had been rehearsing for like 3 weeks already. Luckily we managed to rectify it before we passed and saluted the President.

Family pic after the whole thing..

Wah take so long to upload the photos.. And after i uploaded they didn't appear! This is like my dunno how many times trying liao.. Anyway, now I'm still in the same camp doing some quite shiok but quite pressurizing job as the assistant manpower officer. Well, basically I do what my boss doesn't do. Its quite a simple job actually, just managing my small office with my clerks, however when the time comes for big events to be hosted by my unit, its quite busy. Being in the manpower office basically means that you're in charge of attendance, chasing ppl to submit reports etc.. Thats why its taxing and pressurizing. But recently quite ok lah, 8 to 5.30pm job (though its supposed to be 7 to stay-in-and-don't-book-out job) lol..

Life's quite peaceful in my camp, at night if i stay in i just go to the mess and play pool, watch tv, use the computer or listen to ppl sing karaoke. Haha.. Can't wait to play pool with you guys.. I think I've improved! Still remember in J1 we would sometimes go to beauty world or Bukit Timah Plaza to play pool.. lol..

I think somebody's trying to post a blog at the same time I'm posting! Always says cannot detect server or something. Anyway, its 12.10am on a tuesday night. I think I'm gonna slp soon.. or maybe after I finish watching my bro playing dota.. Asian Aerospace tmr!! Keep in touch guys and gals..


03S73 rocking off at 11:18 PM


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Might take quite long to load, budden it's worth the WAIT!

First one is hair advert! During CNY 2004!

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Next is something we took during orientation cross country run. LOL

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Haha, class video!

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Our very OWN XUNXUN!

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Wahhh....KungFU MASTER jaymie

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Yuwei teaching guitar here.

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AND! Mrs Goh's class! hahah, mrs goh so funny and cute lah, wah miss her man...

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Han rocking off at 4:34 PM


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